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Product / ServicePCHOME 24H SHOPPING
CategoryA08. mCommerce
EntrantADK TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN Taipei City, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
Kurt Lin ADK TAIWAN Executive Creative Director
Morning Yu ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Kurt Lin ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Bell Bai ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Yuzen Lin ADK TAIWAN Senior Art Director
Morning Yu ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Hall Jiang ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Jean Chou ADK TAIWAN Senior Account Director
Bonnie Kuo ADK TAIWAN Senior Account Executive


In the past June, PChome24h Shopping has been celebrating the anniversary with their shoppers. In June 2021, Taiwan is affected by COVID and cannot hold large-scale gatherings to invite people to join like in previous years. However, they still want to bring some cheerful activities that can be engaged together at home. Also, with the outbreak, people are asked to less go out, consumption habits changed accordingly, apparently "online shopping" becomes the best outlet for consumption. PChome24h also wants to seize this opportunity to increase customer shopping frequency and new membership. Objective: 1. Increase its shopping app downloads and new memberships. 2. Increase the purchase frequency and browsing time of both new and regular members on its shopping platform.

Describe the creative idea

We decide to turn this APP for shopping into a fun and addictive mobile game! "PChome24h 21km Finger Marathon" (*In Taiwan, the abbreviations "k" is commonly used to represent "kilometer".) June, it coincides with the 21st anniversary of PChome24h. We turned the PChome24h APP shopping interface into a marathon racetrack, also the 21st anniversary into 21km distance. As soon as shoppers open the APP to shop, the race starts. All the tracks scrolled by fingers are converted into marathon accumulated distance. When consumers scroll on the product page with their fingers, they can see the accumulated marathon mileage next to the page, the longer the browsing time, the longer the accumulated distance.

Describe the strategy

Statistics show, half of the world’s people are affected by COVID in their lives and work. And they are also forced to accept a new normal in life - wearing mask and less to go out in response to the outbreak. That made them have to stay at home almost 24 hours a day. Through research, we found that next to stocking daily necessities through online shopping, people play various mobile games to kill time. The average hours of playing video games per week increased by about 5.17 hours compared to before the outbreak. Almost all major e-commerce platforms faced shortages of video game products. It comes up to our mind that if we could transfer the App into an attractive game, our shoppers would like to spend more time on PChome 24h Shopping App?

Describe the execution

Comparing to every process of the real race, we created a real marathon experience for consumer journey, seamlessly utilize multiple channels to promote the campaign. - Teaser: an entertaining “hand” video to announce the race is about to start, inviting everyone to become marathon runners from home. - Marathon Contestant Race Kit: consumers could apply for exclusive entry badges through the event filter special effects, and got physical finger marathon kits to get ready for the competition. - Social Content: inviting experts and popular influencers to pass on their secret warm-up tricks - by creating various hand-warming contents with the finger marathon kit, effectively increased the topic popularity. - Prizes: extra gift voucher when the accumulated distance reached 7km, 14km, 21km to encourage participants to cross the finish line. - Race broadcast: popular anchor broadcast the intense races of multiple groups of internet celebrity participants, creating another sensation.

List the results

The entertaining way made people spend much more time on PChome24h shopping APP. With only three weeks, the event became an instant sensation and went viral, and broke many records with PChome24h. - Membership visit frequency increased by more than 10M times - APP downloads increased by 40% - New membership growth by nearly 60% - Members viewership and annual revenue growth rate both by 200%


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