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Product / ServiceLIVE SIGN.
CategoryB03. Social Content for User Engagement
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production WTFC INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 BASSDRUM Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Noritaka Kobuse Dentsu Inc. Executive Creative Director
Akimichi Hibi Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Satoru Iwashita Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Masahiro Eguchi Dentsu Inc. Art Director
Susumu Tomita Dentsu Inc. Strategic Planner
Keishi Nagasaku Dentsu Inc. Business Producer
Keisuke Sato Dentsu Inc. Planner
Yuya Tanaka Dentsu Inc. Strategic Planner
Taku Shimizu Dentsu Inc. Strategic Planner
Teppei Yasubuchi Dentsu Inc. Senior Producer
Naoto Shigemasa Dentsu Inc. Interactive Planner
Kazuhiro Kudaka WTFC Inc. Producer
Sari Takahashi WTFC Inc. Producer
Keita Kuroki BASSDRUM Inc. Programmer
Qanta Shimizu BASSDRUM Inc. Tech Director
Jun Ito BASSDRUM Inc. Tech Director


The spread of Covid-19 forced professional sports to hold games without audiences. As a result, even though they could still watch the game remotely, they couldn't feel close enough to the players they admired, which left the fans' feelings and affected the popularity of professional sports.

Describe the creative idea

Focusing on "autograph", we developed an application that enable you to write an autograph directly on the video and sync and stream it in real time. By downloading the app on a tablet, all players could deliver their autographs to distant fans, regardless of environment or time restrictions. The immersive experience in which the player you admire writes an autograph for you in front of you created a new connection between the player and the fan, unlike the mass-produced autograph that seems to be real and unhearted like before.

Describe the strategy

We saw this adversity as an opportunity, and wondered if we could create a new opportunity to connect players and fans. Focusing on the "autograph" that has long been popular as a point of contact between players and fans in the real world. Using technology, we developed a new engagement medium that provides a valuable experience for this fan without limitation.

Describe the execution

At the world's largest sports festival, which was held without audience, we delivered autographed videos filled with the joy and gratitude of medalists. It became memorial experience as fans could feel close through the smartphone screen wherever you are and created new enjoyment for fans. It wasn't just a message video, but the autograph reinforced fan's feelings toward the person they longed for by setting their autographs on smartphone wallpaper and carry it with them.

List the results

Live Sign Views: 1.8 million + Social Media Engagement: 331% Number of introductions: 11 cases Twitter, J League, JSF, JBA, etc. Number of Inquiries: 20 + "LIVE Sign." expanded not only to sports but also to various scenes such as music and theatrical performances. Furthermore, writing an autograph at a special moment is expected to expand into new business by combining with blockchain technology as unique and valuable digital content which led to many inquiries from other companies.


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