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CategoryA02. Healthcare
Idea Creation MEDIACOM Jakarta, INDONESIA
Media Placement MEDIACOM Jakarta, INDONESIA


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Andi Rasyid Lion&Lion Creative ideation

Why is this work relevant for Media?

In Indonesia, after a year of battling the Covid-19 virus, Redoxon faced a new challenge as we saw a gradual decline in vitamin consumption in 2021. With #JanganKendorJagaImun Campaign (Don’t let your guard down), Redoxon wants Indonesians to stay vigilant against Covid-19 and keep boosting their immunity by taking Redoxon. which has 3 of the recommended vitamins (Vitamin C, D and Zinc) in 1 tablet.


Redoxon developed a year-long campaign idea grounded in local insight + science. As the pandemic was dynamic in its nature, we needed a campaign which was flexible and adaptable to suit multiple 'right moments' throughout the year This background came up from 3 pillars: • Local insight  Complacency in routinely maintaining health since the initial pandemic scare had tapered off • Science Redoxon Triple Action with synergy of 1000mg Vit C, Vit D and Zinc proven efficacy to boost immunity. • Right moment  1) 'New Normal' still entailed immunity demanding moments 2) Suhoor (Ramadan) - physically demanding fasting month 3) Covid-19 2nd Wave - pandemic fatique and anxiety due to the misinformation

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Our creative idea was a call-to-action for Indonesians to maintain the fight vs. Covid-19 resurgence. Redoxon wants Indonesians to stay vigilant against Covid-19 and keep boosting their immunity by taking Redoxon. which has 3 of the recommended vitamins (Vitamin C, D and Zinc) in 1 tablet. Digital mascot with strong visual cues tied to represent A Redoxon

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

1) ENGAGE WITH AUDIENCES THROUGH SOCIAL PLATFORMS AND KOLs INFLUENCERS. • TikTok was as the 'hero' channel • Collaborates with Maudy Ayunda (BA) to demonstrate the importance of immunity protection as she faces the new normal. • Collaborates with KOLs and social influencers to amplify the campaign • Sparked a national social movement that called on Indonesians to not let their guard down during the 2nd wave of Covid-19 2) EDUCATE THROUGH INFORMATIVE CONTENT • Collaborated with the Ministry of Health to provide facts about Covid-19 and the importance of immunity • Have TV built-ins disseminated facts to educate and combat hoaxes. 3) DRIVE SALES BY ADDING VALUE THROUGH RELEVANT MERCHANDISING PARTNERSHIP AND PRODUCT BUNDLING • Through Ramadan t-Bazaar, Super Brand Day and TikTok Shop. • Partnered with brands to offer Ramadhan packaging and bundling • Leveraged livestream online shopping and impulse buving via Shopee Live

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Catch Phase: 1) Webinar with Ministry of Health representatives that generated a PR blitz across digital, TV and print media 2) Did social media stunt by collaborating with Brand Ambassadors to build curiosity Connect Phase: TikTok Hashtag Challenge to engage audience whilst sharing facts about maintaining immunity by having filters that give the audience virtual product. Leveraged our BA to initiate a national social movement that called on Indonesians to promise to stay vigilant by not letting their immunity guard down by launching the movement (deliver message in the song) and invited Indonesians to join the movement (1,000 remixes = 10,000 tablets were donated to communities needing immunity support). Social media content to drive traffic (KOL to boost WOM and Contents highlighting campaign) Convert Phase: Drive sales by launching exclusive Ramadhan packages in Ramadhan E-Bazaar, product bundling that is relevant with audiences’ basket affinity, and review & win activity.

List the results (30% of vote)

Catch: Accumulative Total Reach: 97% 2x Higher CTR 2x higher visits to e-comm vs benchmark Highest webinar attendance, get 1K sign up (max capacity) 57 Articles with PR Value of Euro 313K 3x higher views for Live Talkshow 15 publishers hyphen the campaign Reaching 3+ million Connect: TikTok: 6.2 Billion Views | 1.4 Million UCGs 27x higher ER, The highest in 2021 100+ Remix Submission Highest 71.4K Viewers Shopee Live Stream Convert: The 1st Healthcare Brand in Indonesia Social Commerce 3x Conversion Rate vs BAU Ecommerce Performance: Traffic: +6,000% Page Views vs BAU +11,000% Unique Visitor/Month +1,700% New Customers/Month 60% Media Efficacy 2.3x lower vs Benchmark Conversion: 49x higher revenue 43X add to cart 134% conversion rate 15% avg. selling price Retention: +400K Customers +50% Followers +736% Repeat Buyer 98% Response Rate 4.9 Rating from 320,000 Reviews Consumer Sales Result in Offline Channels, 3x Offtake Sales in Just 2 Years