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Adam Ferrier Thinkerbell Strategy
Jim Ingram Thinkerbell Creative
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Josh Parmenter Thinkerbell Creative
Cale Berry Thinkerbell Creative
Julia Keller Thinkerbell Account Service
Jess Evernden Thinkerbell Production
Kym Sutherland Repco Client
Jenny La Brooy Repco Client
Nicole Stone Repco Client
Aaron Farrelly Initiative Media Media
Rebecca Olsson Initiative Media Media
Neil Crompton AirTime Media Post Production
Derek Allan ZigZag Post Audio Engineering

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Repco’s ‘Hot Lap’ Radio was an innovative creative idea that required a specific 150” run time format in order to authentically reflect the time needed to complete a lap of the Bathurst circuit. This new media format was negotiated between media and the station and was designed to reach a specific target audience (our die hard Bathurst race fans), at the specific time of the Repco Bathurst 1000 race weekend itself.


With its rich heritage in motor racing, Repco’s take over as title sponsor of the iconic Australian ‘The Bathurst 1000’ race event, meant that the great race was finally in the hands of a brand that lives and breathes the sport. Repco wanted to celebrate the news with the spirit and energy of the event, by ‘Bringin’ the Bathurst’ to as many touch-points as possible. In support of this fully integrated campaign, Repco wanted to target their die hard race fans in a way that would bring the high octane spirit of Bathurst in unexpected ways… like a 150” radio spot. The objectives were showcase Repco as a modern, contemporary brand with genuine passion and knowledge of the automotive industry. Using the voice of Supercars, Neil Crompton across real audio of a hot lap around the Bathurst circuit, meant that we could provide an authentic, distinctive experience unique to Repco.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Repco celebrated its sponsorship of the Australian Repco Bathurst 1000 race by ‘Bringin’ the Bathurst’ to everything they did, even radio! Repco’s ‘Hot Lap’ was a 150” long spot, the same time it takes to complete an actual hot lap around the Bathurst track. The VO talent also needed to offer this same level of authenticity, so we got iconic race commentator Neil Crompton to take rev heads on a hot lap around the Bathurst race track in real time. Each twist and turn of the track was felt by listeners, as genuine power and acceleration of these V8 Supercars was felt throughout the extended radio spot.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Repco’s ‘Hot Lap’ radio used a new and unique media buy to target a specific target audience – Repco’s die hard racing enthusiasts – which make up 46% of their retail audience. Working closely with media, we ensured specifically timed placement to sync up with the Saturday morning coverage on Bathurst race weekend itself. Accurate timing of the 2 minute 30 second long placement was also negotiated to perfectly match the time it takes to actually complete a full lap of the Bathurst track. The media strategy was creatively led, and with one of the key requirements of the brief being authenticity, we were able to ensure that the audience would be hearing the most realistic aural representation of an actual Hot Lap around the track; something that listeners driving their cars at the time could also experience for themselves.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

In order to deliver an unique and authentic experience to radio, the Hot Lap execution required negotiation of a new 150” format spot, between media and Triple M. This would allow the spot to run for the same amount of time it would take to run a true fast lap of the Bathurst circuit. In addition, use of voice talent synonymous with the sport (Neil Crompton) and genuine V8 Supercar audio, of a car performing a real hot lap, meant that we were putting our money where our mouth was, when it came to saying we were going to be ‘Bringing’ the Bathurst’ to everything! Timing was everything too, and by running creative on the race weekend itself, we were able to reach our passionate audience while they were most receptive and excited of the weekend’s events.

List the results (30% of vote)

For Repco, across it’s M18-54 buying demographic for radio, we reached 47k listeners across capital cities. In total there were 145k listeners across all demographics. For Repco, across it’s P18-54 buying demographic, 471k people saw at least one of our 6 spots over race weekend, with a total 1m plus in total getting their eyeballs across it. On unique traffic surged by +90% vs Bathurst period 2020, and revenue jumped by +14.1% up on the Bathurst period from the year prior. Overall, race fans, enthusiasts, trade customers and suppliers have all jumped onto the ‘Bringin’ the Bathurst’ bandwagon, adopting it into vernacular, buying merchandise, shopping more with the brand and most importantly embracing the synonymy between Bathurst and Repco.