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CategoryA01. Brand & Communications Design
EntrantTBWA\NZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Idea Creation TBWA\NZ Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Shane Bradnick TBWA\NZ Chief Creative Officer
Guy Roberts TBWA\NZ Executive Creative Director
Emily Osborne TBWA\NZ Art Director
Simone Louis TBWA\NZ Copywriter
Mike Davison TBWA\NZ Designer
Catherine Harris TBWA\NZ Chief Executive Officer
Kate Heatley TBWA\NZ General Manager
Mark Paisey TBWA\NZ Senior Producer
Jonny Kofoed Assembly Motion Director
Alistair McCready Alistair McCready Typographer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

80% of all cancer diagnoses in New Zealand are for Melanoma. Kills more people than any other cancer in New Zealand. But there’s a very good chance of survival if you catch it early enough. The problem is, the only symptom is often a new spot or a subtle change to an existing spot, which many people pay no attention to. And even if they do notice something, there’s little awareness around what to look for, and what actual melanoma symptoms look like.

Tell the jury about the typography.

We created a typeface that consists of only full stops: The Melanoma Typeface. The font was designed with a leading typographer and a dermatologist to accurately represent melanoma, with each weight depicting a different symptom. And just like a real melanoma, it changed in response to UV light. To mirror the existing behaviour that people have with spots on their skin, we made subtle changes to spots that are in the public eye every day. In ads and on product labels for some of the biggest brands in the country. Designed for people to notice - or not, just like Melanoma We gave our Melanoma Typeface to some of the nation’s biggest brands to use in their summer advertising.