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CategoryA01. Direction
EntrantPLAYER 2 CO., LTD. Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation PLAYER 2 CO., LTD. Bangkok, THAILAND
Production PLAYER 2 CO., LTD. Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Parrk Piriyapakdeekul PLAYER 2 Production
Krittin Patkuldilok PLAYER 2 Production
Paymika Tunngam PLAYER 2 Production
Pornpong Wongwatpong PLAYER 2 Production
Wittaya Boonvitichot PLAYER 2 Production
Chayanuch Savekvattana PLAYER 2 Production
Soontree Sukjutamas PLAYER 2 Production
Saroot Tunloy Yggdrazil Group Post Production
Prangthip Siriakanon Yggdrazil Group Post Production
Pakpong Pomthree PLAYER 2 Post Production

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film evolves in the ultimate battle between teams to see which team will survive. Filled with traps and obstacles and well as the enemy team. Team Vee consists of Sho, Copper and a new member, against team Dr. Z, consisting Alice, the killer. Two ultimate rival teams battling intensely to gain the lead. Vee, the female protagonist, is faced with many obstacles but with her skill and empowerment, manages to conquer and win the battle with the help of her teammates. Revealing at the end that it actually has been a battle in a game, with its various functions portrayed in the film. Also, there's a little gimmick that the new member, Luke, didn't have a word in the movie, revealing at the end that because he didn't turn on the mic. during playing the game so there was no sound from him.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

A brief explanation of the online game Free Fire. It is a battle royale game in which is made up of teams, maximum of 4 members. Members can be known mates or could be new not knowing each other joining in. The weapons or items can be collected in the game. Special items are available in airdrop boxes. During the game, there are circular electro waves squeezing all the gamers come to the center and danger zones explosives are thrown periodically. The last team or the last player standing is the winner for the team.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the direction. Do not name the director.

This film project is the interpretation and mimicking of a mobile online game. Bringing the experience of the game to live as close to reality as possible. We use virtual production technology with a big screen for scenes that are replicas from the game. It was quite challenging to shoot because we only shot one side. We have to flip the background and the actors for shooting the other side. Aiming to make the viewer entertain with the movie and feel good with the brand. Meanwhile seamlessly inject Free Fire’s gaming qualities and attributes in the means in which the viewer does not feel that it is a conventional commercial.


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