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Alice Chou dentsuMB Taiwan Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter
Ryan Liao dentsuMB Taiwan Creative Director / Art Director
Sunny Chen dentsuMB Taiwan Copywriter
Jacky Hsu dentsuMB Taiwan Art Director
Vera Fang dentsuMB Taiwan Art Director
Alan Sun dentsuMB Taiwan Vice President/Account Director
Tony Ju dentsuMB Taiwan Group Account Director
Gina Su dentsuMB Taiwan Senior Account Director
Vivian Chen dentsuMB Taiwan Account Planning Director
Neo You dentsuMB Taiwan Associate Account Director
Andrew Yen dentsuMB Taiwan Account Executive
Sean Hung dentsuMB Taiwan Executive Producer
Kenny lu dentsuMB Taiwan Digital Senior Director
Autumn Jen dentsuMB Taiwan Digital Associate Director
Steven Guo dentsuMB Taiwan Digital Supervisor
Rouny La dentsuMB Taiwan Marketing Senior Director
Tiffany Chen dentsuMB Taiwan Marketing Associate Director
Ging-Zim Lo Free Director Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

Taiwan’s divorce rate ranks first in Asia and second in the world. "Married or not" is a hot topic and also closely related to home purchases. “Marriage” in Taiwanese culture also has the meaning of “build a home”. In response to the issue, we made up a fictional story about a girl who works in household registration office to encourage young people. This office is a place where marriage, divorce, birth, and death are registered. Through the eyes of the girl, leading the audience to witness her journey from doubt to belief, making Sinyi Realty a new topic among couples.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

“Marriage” in Taiwanese culture also has the meaning of “build a home”. The willingness of marriage is an important driving force to buy houses. The household registration office plays an important role in the life of Taiwanese. In the same place, it undertakes birth and death, marriage and divorce, and moving in and out. Therefore, through the setting of the heroine who works here, the brand video witness all kinds of doubts and regain trust again, it arouse people's curiosity and common feeling. Combining these two unique cultures of Taiwanese, we have successfully aroused the resonance and sharing of netizens.

Provide the full film script in English.

VO:Everyday, I see different facial expressions. Smiling, laughing, anxious, focused, resigned, excited, crying or even angry. all kinds of expressions. Man:“Hey, wanna go up the mountain to see the night view?” Woman:“9 marriages, 7 divorces.” Man:“What?” Woman: “There were 9 marriages and 7 divorces in total this month.” Man:“...So… not too bad this month?” Woman: “Perhaps, it’s hard to say.” Woman: “What’s this?” Man:“...What’s”what”? Woman: “Nothing.” VO:So, marriage is like this. I’ve seen some cry about getting married, some feel forced into marriage for many reasons, while some folks are simply over the moon. As for divorce, well, many people are furious, some seem resigned it’s over but I’ve even seen people divorce with a smile. People get married because they seem to” get each other”, right? But, it seems like people get divorced Because they come to understand each other too well… Man:“Shall we go up the mountain and see the view? ” Woman: “It’s too far.” Woman: “Let’s just take a walk along the river.” Woman: “5 marriages and 8 divorces this month.” Man:”That bad?” Woman:” They get divorced because they finally understand each other, and that should be a good thing, right? ” Man:”Seems reasonable to me.” Woman:“So what is this?” Man:“Ah, a mosquito!” Woman:“I knew we should have gone up the mountain.” Man:”Shall we go now?” Woman:”Nah, It’s ok, Woman:”let’s just stay here.” Man:”Mm.” VO:I just write down or cross out a few words on a piece of paper, and then a marriage begins, or ends. But what about those complicated expressions? What’s behind all those faces? I don’t know, and it’s none of my business. My job is just to process their household registration. Man:“How many marriages and divorces this month?” Woman:”I haven’t counted this month yet.” Man:”Oh?” Woman: “Because even if I do count, I still won’t know the answer.” Woman: “Who knows if there will be happiness in the future?” Man:”Mm.” Woman:”But I did count…” Woman:“this…and It’s the third time you’ve had it here.” Man:“I just felt like…” Man:“you’re not ready yet, so I didn’t take it out.” Woman:“Will there ever be a day, you get tired of waiting?” Man:“Hard to say.” Woman:“Oh no.” Man:”When I do get tired of waiting, then I’ll take it out.” Woman:“Sir?” Woman:“Can I help you with something?” Elderly man:“My wife passed away. What is it that I need to do?” Woman:“Did you bring your household certificate with you? You need to register her death and remove her name from the household registration. Then we can give you a new certificate.” Elderly man:“Can I keep her name here?” Woman: “Yes,of course, but you still need to go through the process which must be completed within 30 days by law. I’ll issue a new certificate as soon as possible, but you can still keep the old one.” VO:When I started inputting the data, I realized that today was the registration deadline. This elderly gentleman was already aware of the process. He just wanted to wait until the very last day of registration so he could keep his wife’s name with his own on the household certificate one more month. It wasn’t until the very last minute before our office closed that he came in to officially bid farewell to his wife. Was his wife ever apart from him? No, he carefully put the old certificate with her name on it back into an envelope. I saw an expression then that I’d never seen before. He faced everything quietly, and seized hold of what he could, and accepted what he had to let go of. Man:“What’s up?” Woman:”So, you have it with you today?” Man:“What?” VO:I guess that’s the facial expression of someone waiting quietly. And why should I keep him waiting? Woman:“I do.” Man:“Should I kneel down?” Woman:“I met an elderly man today, and he somehow made me think of you when you get old." Man:“Did he look very old?” Woman:“very old.” Man:“Then you’ll have to take care of me.” Woman: “OK.” VO: It turns out I have to be brave enough to reach out, if I want to grab hold of the happiness awaiting me. VO:Happiness lies in the unknown future but you must first learn to trust. As long as you trust in that knowledge, move forward bravely. ENDING:Find your eternity with someone you trust


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