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CategoryA02. Script
Production GOOD MORNING Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Priya Shivakumar Wunderman Thompson India Writer, National Creative Director
Senthil Kumar Wunderman Thompson India Chief Creative Officer
Shashanka Chaturvedi Good Morning Films Director
Robin D'Cruz Good Morning Films Producer
Subhajit Mukherjee Independent Music Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film opens on what seems like a normal day during the pandemic with a woman coming back home from a grocery run. We see her getting visibly agitated as she is putting away the things she has bought and while we can’t see her face because of her stole worn as a mask, we see the agitation in her eyes and they fill with despair as the news reporter reports an extension in lockdown. She starts unwrapping the stole around her face as the broadcast drones on and to our horror we see a bruised and battered visage, the reporter’s voice becoming audible to deliver the irony that ends the telecast on “Stay home, stay safe”. Suddenly we hear a loud shatter to indicate the presence of the abuser as the woman turns her head towards the noise, a lone and hapless tear rolling down her bruised face.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

It is a common misconception in India that only women from the lower social and economic strata suffer from Domestic Abuse. It was important to underline the hidden truth with a real and sensitive portrayal of the times. That no matter what section of society or walk of life the women came from, they were faced with the same sense of horror and helplessness, locked down in the house with their abusers, with no way of escape. While the Covid 19 pandemic and wearing a mask made it convenient to cover up the bruises and their shame, ironically the pandemic also made the home that everyone counted on as the safest place the most unsafe place for these women locked down with their abusers.

Provide the full film script in English.

Hidden Truth – A lockdown film Film opens on what appears to be a normal day during the pandemic with a woman coming back home with grocery bags. We see her footsteps on the stairs and at the entrance of her home as she opens the door and it swings shut behind her, echoing. We hear muted ambient sounds, a TV running the drone of a news anchor, the usual audio accompaniment during these times, as she relays information on the lockdown. As the the woman puts down her bags and puts away the things she has bought, we see her anxiety building in her actions as she pauses her work to listen to the news. The FVO of the news anchor goes something like this: “……As the country unifies, there is one task ahead of us and the solution seems to be clear. The number of cases are constantly rising. and a discussion with the states in consultation with experts around the world has clearly shown that the path ahead for the country is clear, and points to an extension in lockdown!! There is no other alternative but to extend the lockdown for a further two week period if India has to successfully flatten the curve. (Background VO drones on ) Certain states have already taken the decision and hot spots have been identified and cordoned off to prevent further spread. There will be no relaxation in the lockdown until we manage to successfully flatten the curve. Meanwhile, everything is being done to ensure there is no interruption in essential services or commodities. So India we urge all of you to not venture out of your houses during the period of the lockdown (FVO comes back loud and clear to punctuate the last bit) and to STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE….. We see hands dropping bags and as the camera travels up we reveal a heavily masked face – masked with a wrapped dupattah or scarf (a normal sight to travel outside in these times of covid). We can only see her eyes which look anxious. We then see her almost robotically remove her mask, uncovering it from around her ars and over her head to inch by inch reveal her face. To one’s absolute horror we see bruises being uncovered until the mask is fully off and we see a heavily bruised and battered face. As we close in on her face, the ambient sounds of a TV channel running on the routine news become clearer as the anchor signs off with the routine corona expression of “stay home and stay safe”, a total irony in this case as we see the woman’s frightened eyes turn to the side as we hear a shattering sound to indicate the presence of her abuser in the house and the film ends dramatically. (suggestion of her husband) Fade to black and slide with logo and helpline number Home is not a safe place for many during the lockdown. Look out for them. (Vidya logo & Helpline Number) We end on a dramatic irony where the words “Stay home. Stay safe.” come on screen, and the “Stay home” disappears to show only the words “Stay safe” on screen.


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