Short List
Product / ServiceBURBERRY
CategoryA05. Cinematography
EntrantBBH Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation BBH Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kelly Pon BBH China Chief Cretive Director
TieXin Li BBH China Group Creative Director
Louis Li BBH China Creative Director
Blue Lu BBH China Creative Director
Irisy Wang BBH China Creative Director
Weisian Lee BBH China EXecutive Producer
Ken Wang BBH China Production Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

“What does Spring look like in the outside world?” The protagonist has always wondered about this since she was a kid. She uses her senses to deepen her understanding of self and the world around her and finally realises that there’s a way to embrace Spring and to explore the unknown — and that is by tuning into your inner curiosity.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Growing in affluence and confidence, young Chinese millennials are displaying a rise in China pride, demanding greater cultural understanding and representation from international brands. Fearing it was losing touch with Chinese luxury consumers, Burberry wanted to reverse the brand’s declining affinity and reconnect with Chinese consumers with their new brand statement, “the freedom to go beyond” in a culturally relevant way. Recognising that for Chinese millennial customers, luxury has shifted beyond material wealth as they seek meaningful personal exploration, Burberry leveraged Chinese New Year, a season symbolic of new beginnings, to invite Chinese millennials to go beyond physical constraints, look inward and seek out personal awakening. As a result, Burberry’s “A New Awakening” campaign was able to generate a high volume of social conversations and earned PR and grow its brand affinity.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the cinematography.

The film is poetic and introspective, helmed by lush natural scenery and intimate close-up shots. The doses of realism (i.e. working, dating) are intercut with scenes of the young girl in the wilderness (the protagonist’s younger self), her moments of reflection, and her adventurous moments. Thereby, breaking away from a typical sequential storytelling style. These transitions are supported by the close-up shots of the actors' expressions. In the city scenes, the shots are intentionally more close-up and tighter. As the film progresses, the shots will become wider especially in the scenes that feature nature and landscapes. This signifies how the protagonist’s horizon is slowly widening as she gets closer and closer to nature, her source of strength and inspiration. The viewer will also be led through this experience as the shots get wider.


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