Silver Spike
Product / ServiceBYJU'S BRAND FILM
CategoryA03. Casting
EntrantBYJU'S Bengaluru, INDIA
Idea Creation BYJU'S Bengaluru, INDIA
Production DORA DIGS Mumbai, INDIA
Post Production DORA DIGS Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Divya Gokulnath BYJU'S Strategy
Vineet Singh BYJU'S Strategy
Vishal Sagar BYJU'S Writer & Co-director
Akshay Shah Dora Digs Producer
Raghuveer Yadav Dora Digs Lead (Male)

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

This is a story of Tyagi Sir - a biology teacher just 2 years away from retirement. The film starts on 21st Mar 2020 - the day India announced 1 day of lockdown and then extended it for 5 months. In the film, Tyagi sir's world changes overnight, as schools go online. We see him struggling. His family tries to help and keep him happy. He is hoping for lockdown to end so that he can go back to school. The day lockdown is removed, he gets to know that online school will continue for 6 more months. This is the day when all his hopes are shattered and he types his resignation letter. He receives a call from one of his ex-students, who is now a doctor thanking him for his contribution in his life. Shaken, Tyagi sir, decides to master technology and new ways of teaching.

Tell the jury about the casting process.

Casting for Master Ji was not easy. We needed an actor who could really live the character and represent the teacher community. We were always split between getting a fresh face vs a known actor who could really nail the role. We conducted many auditions and with every audition we discovered our Tyagi Sir even more. We spoke to all the people we auditioned. The discussions were about the situation, teachers and Tyagi Sir. We picked Raghuveer Yadav simply because of our discussions with him. As an actor, he is well established in India. It were his life experiences and his understanding of the nuances of the place and people that made him the frontrunner. In his real life, he hates technology because he cannot seem to learn it. This made him understand the struggles even more and he was able to bring alive the character.


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