Short List
Product / ServiceCOCA COLA
CategoryB04. Animation
EntrantOGILVY Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation OGILVY Shanghai, CHINA
Production HORNET New York, USA
Production 2 UNLISTED Cremorne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Reed Collins Ogilvy Asia Pacific Chief Creative Officer
Wei Fei Ogilvy Shanghai Group Executive Creative Director
Sascha Engel Ogilvy Shanghai VP of Creative Technology
Michael Pearson Ogilvy Shanghai Group Creative Director
Jimmy Wang Ogilvy Shanghai Creative Director
Eve Liu Ogilvy Shanghai Senior Copywriter
Xinyan Xu Ogilvy Shanghai Senior Art Director
Alice Chuu Ogilvy Shanghai Senior TV Producer
Ole Luk Ogilvy Shanghai Business Director
Queenie Shou Ogilvy Shanghai Senior Account Director
Lyia Chen Ogilvy Shanghai Account Manager
Adrian Xing Ogilvy Shanghai Account Executive
Arvind Srivastava Ogilvy Asia Pacific Chief Strategy Officer
Arjun Vedanayagam Ogilvy Shanghai Strategy Director
Yves Geleyn Hornet Director
Kristin Labriola Hornet Head of Creative Development
Hanna Smith-Ide Hornet Producer
Madeline Metolius Hornet Production Coordinator
Hana Shimuzu Hornet Executive Producer
Anita Chao Hornet Senior Editor
Alejandro Diaz  Hornet Character Design
Natalia Perez Hornet CG Lead
Ambrose Yu Studio Original Score/Sound Design + Mixing:            
Stephanie Wu Unlisted Producer
Hugo Sands Unlisted Senior Producer
Anita Emor Unlisted Executive Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

To celebrate the year of the Tiger, Coke created a magical moment of reconnection between tiger father and son. The tiger father and son used to play and chase together, but as the son grows up, they clash more and more. Eventually the son moved away from his family, and barely talks to his father, until this Chinese New Year reunion, someone accidentally knocks a Coke off the table… both father and son tried to catch the Coke, and determined to be the winner. Through the chase, they realized how similar they are to each other, and reconnected just like in the past. This is a simple moment of connection, re-discovered thanks to a Coke, bridges the generational divide.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In China, it’s very common for kids to live far away from their parents — studying in college, or working in big cities for better living. What’s more, with the rapid change in society, generations are divided like never before. People spend the whole year counting the days until Lunar New Year, then traveling thousands of miles to reunite… Only to finally gather around their dinner table and find out that have little in common to talk about or do together. They’re side by side, but the lack of common ground, keeps them from being truly together.

Tell the jury about the animation used and summarise any relevant challenges or techniques.

With a team effort of more than 15 weeks, the marriage of 3D animation and antique Chinese Wooden figurines style creates a tangible world full of texture and detail that conveys the magical Chinese New Year spirit. The CG helps fuel the world-building with rich details — a fantasy world in Chinese painting style, and antique wooden style tiger family, which adds nostalgic eloquence to the story, as well as making this Coca-Cola world entirely original. What’s more challenging is how to bring out the liveliness of the wooden tigers, the subtle facial expression and tiny interactions, as if the tigers come to life from real wooden figurines.