Short List
Product / ServiceA-LEAGUES
CategoryA06. Use of Original Music
EntrantR/GA Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation R/GA Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement OMD Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production R/GA Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 BRING Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production 3 ENTROPICO Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production R/GA Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 2 BRING Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 3 ENTROPICO Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Additional Company A LEAGUES Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Seamus Higgins R/GA Chief Creative Officer
Claire Waring R/GA Executive Creative Director
Ben Newman R/GA Associate Creative Director
Ben Miles R/GA Exec Creative Director, Brand, Design & Consulting
Justin Phang R/GA Creative Director
Henry Cook R/GA Design Director
Jane Duru R/GA Verbal Design Director
Louis Johanson R/GA Senior Designer
Gabriel Gasparinatos Entropico Director
James Griffiths BRING Executive Creative Director - Music

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The film represents the bright future of the A-Leagues, one that is more diverse, expressive and creative than traditional sport in Australia. The narrative is spearheaded by a unique music collaboration between Young Franco, Tkay Maizda and Nerve, we seamlessly intertwine football with culture. We tell real stories of players, Jada Whyman and Marco Tilio, reveal cultural gems that resonate with core football fans, our film even serves as an outlet for participation through its own unique TikTok dance routine choreographed by @thexhan.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The A-Leagues are the highest level of professional association football in Australia, having been established in 2004. Despite possessing a passionate fandom, A-Leagues attendances have declined year-on-year since 2014 and viewership each year since 2018. As a professional league it generates the least dollars per fan of all Australia’s major codes, lagging behind larger, heritage Australian sports like the AFL, NRL and Cricket. ‘Real Nice’ is part of a larger movement to reinvigorate and reinvent the A-Leagues as a brand reflective of Australia’s next generation. By leveraging football’s unique connection with youth culture - in music, fashion, gaming, and beyond - the A-Leagues is seizing a headstart on attracting Australia’s young taste-makers and trend-setters; future watchers, buyers and participants that will power the game for years to come.

Tell the jury about the creation of the original music track.

Through a one of a kind music collaboration between DJ/Producer YoungFranco, Aria Award R&B winner TKay Maidza and Rapper Nerve, ‘Real Nice H.C.T.F.’ was created. Fuelled by their love of football and relationship with the game, it’s a celebration of the A-League’s positioning at the intersection of football and culture. The anthem captures the tone and energy of the sport, tackling a generation defined by creativity, determination and individual brilliance. It’s upbeat, positive nature, combined with passionate, energetic lyrics serve as a platform to relate to our new audience as well as core football fans.