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Product / ServiceHYUNDAI SANTA FE
CategoryA01. Direction


Name Company Position
Wes Hawes Innocean Australia Executive Creative Director:
Dan O’Connell Innocean Australia Creative Director
Wassim Kanaan Innocean Australia Creative Team
Karl Bates Innocean Australia Head of Strategy
Romy Briers Innocean Australia Head of CX
Ian Hartley Innocean Australia Client Partner
Vincent Pled Innocean Australia Senior Account Director
Sarah Gardan Innocean Australia Account Director
Craig Sloane Innocean Australia Director of Integrated Production
Louis Moore Innocean Australia Integrated Producer
Warrick Nicholson Innocean Australia Senior Integrated Producer
Juliana Bacmaga Innocean Australia Finished art/Design
Amanda Davis Innocean Digital Production
Taylah Nilsson Innocean Social Media Manager
Michael Spiccia Scoundrel Director
Adrian Shapiro Scoundrel Executive Producer
Kate Gooden Scoundrel Executive Producer
Jeremy Rouse Scoundrel Director of Photography
Sherree Phillips Scoundrel Production Designer
Ben Eagleton BE Colour Colourist
Mark Burnett The Editors Editor
Allison Meadows Mullinars Casting Casting Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

The campaign idea, Little Angels, was developed from an insight that in the midst of family chaos, parents are striving to achieve their own personal moments of harmony. The film sees two bickering siblings instantly transformed into little angels complete with harps, singing Enya’s 80’s classic Orinocco Flow in perfect harmony. The world outside the Santa Fe is populated by a motorcycle courier transformed into a gallant white horseman, a levitating windscreen squeegee lady and a busload of elderly people who join the celestial choir.

Tell the jury anything relevant about the direction. Do not name the director.

The director focused on ensuring that the kids sang like they are being summoned and ascending. One looks to the other and then the other is being possessed by the voice and spirit of an angel. It’s like the polar opposite to being possessed by the devil. It’s ethereal and otherworldly good. The track and its lyrics will be the cue to all this emotional resonance. The director's decision that not everything needed to be sung by the kids and allowed for us to can add comedy and opportunities for performance by giving lines to the world and characters around the Santa Fe. Playing with that and spreading the fun was fundamental to building our world and spreading the word of just how good this Santa Fe is.