Short List
Product / ServiceHYUNDAI TUCSON
CategoryA04. Production Design / Art Direction


Name Company Position
Wes Hawes Innocean Australia Executive Creative Director:
Dan O’Connell Innocean Australia Creative Director
Mitchell Sutton Innocean Australia Art Director
Josh Campbell Innocean Australia Creative Team
Karl Bates Innocean Australia Head of Strategy
Romy Briers Innocean Australia Head of CX
Ian Hartley Innocean Australia Client Partner
Ian Hartley Innocean Australia Client Partner
Vincent Pled Innocean Australia Senior Account Director
Sarah Gardan Innocean Australia Account Director
Craig Sloane Innocean Australia Director of Integrated Production
Louis Moore Innocean Australia Integrated Producer
Warrick Nicholson Innocean Australia Senior Integrated Producer
Juliana Bacmaga Innocean Australia Finished art/Design
Michael Spiccia Scoundrel Director
Adrian Shapiro Scoundrel Executive Producer
Kate Gooden Scoundrel Executive Producer
Jeremy Rouse Scoundrel Director of Photography
Mark Burnett The Editors Editor
Justin Bromley Fin Design & Effects VFX Supervisor
Alastair Stephen Fin Design & Effects Head of Visual Effects / EP
Simon Clarke Fin Design & Effects CG Supervisor
Alex Patterson Fin Design & Effects Flame Artist
Isabelle Howarth Fin Design & Effects VFX Producer
Ben Eagleton BE Colour Colourist
Simon Lister Squeak E. Clean Studios Creative Director / Sound Designer
Emma Hodge Squeak E. Clean Studios Head of Production - Sound
Elliott Wheeler Turning Studios Composer
Carla de Menezes Ribeiro Turning Studios Music Producer

Write a short summary of what happens in the film.

In this film we see robots sneak out from the bushes, luxuriate in car's good looks, experience its incredible tech, and then frantically drive the car back to the future, after being startled by the family dog. The car displayed in this film is so forward thinking, so technologically advanced and so good looking, that even a group of high-tech, highly futuristic robots are amazed by its impeccable design. A car that looks so futuristic that it really shouldn’t be available in 2021. The bold design expresses an innovation led future. The campaign execution sees robots coming from the future to steal back what is rightfully theirs from 2021. We see robots creep from the bushes, luxuriate in the vehicle’s good looks, experience its incredible tech, and then frantically drive the car back to the future.

Tell the jury about the production design / art direction.

Atmospheric, painterly, and like a Crewdson photograph come to life; the world that the director has created is relatable to the everyday Australian but heightened by natural elements of the Aussie night to become a cool, epic, spectacle unlike anything ever before seen on our screens. This mixing of the other-worldly and the real world we all know is where the magical realism comes to life. We had a lot of fun in imagining ways that the suburbs react to their intergalactic visitors. From dogs in gardens barking, to sprinklers flicking on, to the lonely quiet roads lit by flickering street lamps – all this attention to detail helps to create a magical atmosphere in a deeply relatable space.