Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceL&P
CategoryA01. Consumer Goods
Production 2 BEATWORMS Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Post Production BLOCKHEAD VFX Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Post Production 2 BEATWORMS Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Freddie Coltart DDB New Zealand/Aotearoa CD
Matt Williams DDB New Zealand/Aotearoa CD
Claire Colohan DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Lead Integrated Producer
Thinza Mon DDB Group New Zealand Planning Director
Damon Stapleton DDB Aotearoa/New Zealand Chief Creative Officer
Gary Steele DDB New Zealand/Aotearoa Executive Creative Director
Judy Thompson DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Executive Producer
Nikki McKelvie DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Managing Partner
Crystal Clark DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Business Partner
Ella Bilham DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Senior Business Manager
Lucinda Sherborne DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Executive Planning Director
Melissa Ching DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand Integrated Producer
Adam Gunser Good Oil Director
George Mackenzie Good Oil Managing Director
Andrew McLean Good Oil Executive Producer
Marty Williams Good Oil DOP
Simon Price Good Oil Editor
. . Blockhead Post Production
Cam Ballantyne Beatworms Music and Sound Designer
Hannah McDonald Ikon Account Director
Hannah Merrit Ikon Communications Manager
Kyra Hale Ikon Strategy Director
Kyra Hale Ikon Strategy Director
Mat Baker Kate & Crew Stills Photographer
Wendy Rayner Coca Cola Amatil General Manager Strategy & Brand
Angela Broad Coca Cola Amatil Head of Marketing & Design
Laura Knight Coca Cola Amatil Senior Brand Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

What appears to be a young Kiwi astronaut stands on a platform hanging from a weather balloon in Earth's outer atmosphere. He leaps off towards New Zealand. As he tumbles earthward, we see him begin to remove pieces of clothing. He's now falling to earth in just a pair of shorts. We cut to a local pool in New Zealand. It's a classic lazy Sunday afternoon. The astronaut pulls himself into the perfect tuck position to perform a 'manu' (an iconic Kiwi-style cannonball.) He lands with. a decent splash. And like any Kiwi would, asks his L&P-drinking poolside friends how good his manu was. They reply, in a typically chilled deadpan Kiwi fashion. His manu, from the outer limits of Earth's atmosphere was just; "pretty good" and "alright." And because Kiwis are so chilled, our astronaut seems perfectly happy with that review. Cut to the endframe. Drink Chilled. L&P

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Kiwi's are famously relaxed. If you're a Kiwi and your leg's on fire, most likely, you casually look down and shrug. We're not hyperbolic or get too excited, but keep things very chilled and downplayed. As dry as it comes. And no Kiwi brand is more chilled out than L&P – an iconic symbol of Kiwiness, in a bottle, going back generations. But in recent times, L&P and the next generation of younger drinkers were beginning to forget that. So, we created a new platform to re-Kiwi and re-chill the brand; drink chilled. Just like we are as people, just like the drink is best enjoyed. Obviously, we launched it with the most intense manu* the world's ever seen (a 'manu' is a Kiwi-style cannonball, world famous in New Zealand). And once again, L&P was the king of Kiwi and chill. NOTE: L&P is New Zealand's most popular local soda.