CategoryA05. Consumer Services / Business to Business
Production SIXTOES TV Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production 2 PSYOP New York, USA


Name Company Position
Andy Grant TBWA Executive Creative Director
Asheen Naidu TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
Roxane Wee TBWA\Singapore Art Director
Dan Chia TBWA\Singapore Art Director
Julian Gutierrez TBWA\Singapore Art Director
Julian Gutierrez TBWA\Singapore Art Director
Robin Nayak TBWA\Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Melissa Hill TBWA\Singapore Global Business Lead
Benoit Freyburger TBWA\Singapore Group Brand Director
Ash Chaudhry TBWA\Singapore Brand Director
Michele Bouquet TBWA\Singapore Strategy Director
Sarah Teh TBWA\Singapore Associate Brand Director
Jayne Rajendran TBWA\Singapore Brand Manager
Sheryl Chua TBWA\Singapore Brand Manager
Priscilla Lim TBWA\Singapore Brand Executive
Seana Carter TBWA\Singapore Brand Executive
Kira Satwant TBWA\SIngapore Brand Executive
Lisa Oon TBWA\Singapore Strategy Executive
Weitian Zhang TBWA\Singapore Strategy Executive
Akanksha Nair TBWA\Singapore Content Creator
Danial Khalis TBWA\Singapore Content Creator
Sariyanti Sannie SixToes.TV Agency Executive Producer
Fiona McGregor SixToes.TV Agency Producer
Deena Kamisan SixToes.TV Agency Producer
Zahid Zameer SixToex.TV Agency Producer
Clio Goh TBWA\Singapore Agency Producer
Arris Wong TBWA\Singapore Senior Retoucher
Eben Mears Psyop Director
Eve x Eve Strickman Psyop Executive Producer/MD
Noah Goldsmith Psyop Executive Producer Live Action
Andrea Panda Psyop Head of Production
Laura Morris Psyop Line Producer
Francois Starr TBWA\Singapore Director of Photography

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film tells the story of how Carbon infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives. The Blue and Green colours are then introduced, pushing out the black, signalling Standard Chartered’s efforts to transition their clients to a carbon-free world.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The team used a unique production technique involving jets of food colourant in a water tank, creating the illusion of smoke engulfing a city and its residents. As the black clouds billow through the 3D-printed underwater model, two more jets of colourant are then introduced – this time Standard Chartered’s signature blue and green brand colours – colliding and pushing away the darkness and creating a brighter and cleaner future. The film was developed without CGI and shot using a high-speed robotic motion control system, allowing the camera to move through the model city at precise angles and speeds. The jets were also carefully controlled to create sharp, vivid footage of the food colourant flowing through water at varying pressures and speeds. The result – a stunning and captivating film that artistically showcases the role of the bank in transitioning to a carbon-free future.