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Product / ServiceHCG
CategoryG01. Local Brand
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Taipei, TAIWAN


Name Company Position
Jin Yang Leo Burnett Taiwan idea / copywriting
Geoffrey Li Leo Burnett Taiwan idea/Copywriting
Stella Lee Leo Burnett Taiwan idea/Copywriting
Mid Wang Leo Burnett Taiwan idea/Copywriting
Tim Lee Leo Burnett Taiwan idea/Art
Leslie Chang Leo Burnett Taiwan Strategic Planner
Jessica Yeh Leo Burnett Taiwan Strategic Planner
Evans Kao Leo Burnett Taiwan producer
Sylvia Cheng Leo Burnett Taiwan project manager
Morven Lin Leo Burnett Taiwan project manager
EJ Lee Leo Burnett Taiwan project manager
Valerie Hsu Leo Burnett Taiwan project manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

As the leading bathroom brand in Taiwan, HCG wants to maintain brand love in this category that has become more competitive year by year. We found that bathroom is a unique place where people can be their real selves without pretend. Therefore, we created the brand video to resonate with people. Since everyone got a few secrets, HCG bathroom could be the best place in which you can leave some secrets here.

Please tell us about the brand in relation to the locality or market where the product / service is distributed

HCG is a bathroom equipment brand in Taiwan with a history over 90 years. Once the brand was very well-known and owning great awareness and market share. However, it has not been doing marketing communication over 10 years, meanwhile competitors are rising. Especially in the battle field of digital communication, those competitors are appealing for premium and fashion design approach which are very product feature driven. In contrast, HCG is lack of voice in the market and leaves the impression of outdated. In short, the most serious challenge is that the brand awareness is fading away and facing the brand-aging issue. How to create brand awareness and social buzz among young generation becomes the top priority of the brand.


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