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Product / ServiceCAR4CASH
CategoryA02. Fiction & Non-Fiction Film: 5-30 minutes


Name Company Position
Veradis Vinyaratn TBWA\Thailand Chief Creative Officer / Copywriter
Rattapol Rewsakul TBWA\Thailand Executive Creative Director / Copywriter
Parinya Sarasung TBWA\Thailand Creative Director / Copywriter
Paramed Pootarapan TBWA\Thailand Creative Group Head / Copywriter
Chonnikarn Phuangphae TBWA\Thailand Art Director
Nonnarit Vekinpathawuch TBWA\Thailand Art Director
Tanyalux Chuencharoensuk TBWA\Thailand Associate Digital Planning Director
Khemana Promraksa TBWA\Thailand Digital Strategic Planner
Attapat Pothinam TBWA\Thailand Business Director
Mananya Purinan TBWA\Thailand Associate Account Mananement Director
Ausanee Kunapilukkul TBWA\Thailand Account Manager
Weerawit Thitimethapirom TBWA\Thailand Agency Producer

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Today, many people are facing challenges in their lives, and the smiles we once had are slowly fading away. Car4Cash, the market leader for financing loans through personal cars, wanted to bring back those smiles from car owners. Therefore, we offered them a 3 great deals. These great deals were presented in a new film titled “Come Back”, featuring Uncle Khom, Thailand’s favorite comedy superstar. The film helped bring out laughter and provided an encouraging message for the audience during tough times, "Overcoming every challenge with a smile"


The auto refinance market is a highly competitive industry in Thailand. The brief is not only to create brand relevancy, and highlight our product USP full of complex details? Clients also wanted to communicate to a new market segment (Big Bike Users) to enhance brand strength as the “No.1 quick cash loans service for both cars and big bikes” and promote their new “spare parts insurance package”.

Describe the creative idea

To save the consumers from resorting to shaded means to get money. It is just as easy to get money from us and we are here to help. We want to tell our story through the local culture. Thai are superstitious, loves comedy and have a taste of ghost stories. That’s the story, an unexpected yet familiar hero come back to help the love of his life through her crisis and safe her from falling down the spiral of black market lotto and illegal loans.

Describe the strategy

Thailand is a superstitious country, many still believe in supernatural and omens. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many Thais were desperate for help with their businesses and many, of course, prayed for such help from dead relatives believing that if you passed with worries in your mind then your soul will linker around those you’re worries about. We look for omens every where. One very popular one is if a Jing-jok (house lizard) calls to you that means something bad is about to happen. Those are the insight to our story.

Describe the execution

The film “Come Back” is based on Thai cultural beliefs. Thais believe that when someone has passed away with troubling thoughts and concerns on their minds, then they could not be reincarnated. There is also another belief that when jing joks (house lizards) make a call towards you, it’s considered as a warning that something bad is about to happen to you. The story is about P’Mate (Uncle Khom), who recently passed but could not reborn because he was still worried about his lovely wife, Auntie Sri. His worries right before passing trapped his spirit in the body of a jing jok (house lizard), so he could go back and talk to her, tell her about the good things in life to follow, and turn around that sadness she was feeling so P’Mate could finally reborn.

Describe the outcome

Result February 4, 2021 – March 31, 2021 Impression 163,151,165 VDO View 33,870,156 Reach 59,477,118 Click 903,302 Lead 14,272


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