Product / ServiceTOURISM
CategoryB02. Multi Market
Idea Creation SPECIAL Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Idea Creation 2 SPECIAL Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement MINDSHARE Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production SWEETSHOP Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Production 2 NIMBLE Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Post Production BIG TREE STUDIOS Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Stephen England-Hall Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Officer
Brodie Reid Tourism New Zealand Marketing Director
René de Monchy Tourism New Zealand Commercial Director
Lauren Vosper Tourism New Zealand Global Manager, Public Relationsand Major Events
Jill Chestnut Tourism New Zealand Global Brand and ContentManager
Jaime Reid Tourism New Zealand Senior Brand and Content Specialist
Ella Frater Tourism New Zealand Brand and Content Manager
Danelle Murphy Tourism New Zealand Brand and Content Coordinator
Tansy Tompkins Tourism New Zealand Global Manager Trade Marketing
Anna Basten Tourism New Zealand Campaign and ConversionSpecialist
Chloe Hedley Tourism New Zealand Digital Campaign & Content Manager
Namrta Malik Tourism New Zealand Product Owner - Consumer & Corporate
Shweta Yadav Tourism New Zealand Digital Content Specialist
Tony Bradbourne Special CEO/CCO
Rory Gallery Special Head of Strategy
Michael Redwood Special Managing Partner
Storm Day Special Head of Client Service
Stu Mallarkey Special Digital & Creative Director
Daisy Conroy-Botica Special Social & Brand Strategist
Sandra Daniel Special Group Business Director
Pip Shepherd Special Group Business Director
Amelia Daly Special Account Management
Bonnie Shum Special Account Management
Rachael Williams Special Account Management
Isabeau Brimeau Special Account Management
Callum Orr Special Strategist
Katie Mortensen Special Head of Film Production
Heath Lowe Special Executive Design Director
Tom Martin Special Executive Creative Director
Julian Schreiber Special Executive Creative Director
Jack Nunn Special Creative Director
Nils Eberhardt Special Creative Director
Cade Heyde Special Managing Director
Lindsey Evans Special CEO
Celia Garforth Special Strategy Director
Michelle Braslin Special Account Management
Sinead Kelly Special Account Management
Nick Lilley Special Producer
Sharon Gray Special Digital Production
Jesse McCallum Special Digital Production
Dylan Pharazyn Sweetshop Director
Charlotte Evans Sweetshop Director
Mark Burrows Sweetshop Director
Zoe McIntosh Sweetshop Director
Fiona King Sweetshop Managing Director
Ben Daily Sweetshop Executive Producer
Andy Mauger Sweetshop Producer
Ben Chesters Sweetshop Editor
Alex O'Shaughnessy Sweetshop Editor
Nathan Pickles Sweetshop Editor
David McLaren Big Tree Colourist
James Corden Big Tree Online
Tony Bradbourne Nimble Director
Katie Mortensen Nimble Producer

Summary of the work

Tourism New Zealand’s ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ brand platform had established NZ as the ultimate destination for untouched natural landscapes for the past 20 years. Despite the long-term success of this campaign, many of our competitors were beginning to emulate our strategy of showing their scenery (and they significantly outspend us while doing so). Our challenge: how do we evolve and elevate ‘100% Pure’ in a new way to reclaim our uniqueness and grow NZ’s consideration as a holiday destination? We needed to stand for something that made NZ truly unique. Something that would be difficult for competitors to credibly replicate. We set out on our strategic journey to uncover a powerful insight. During the interrogation process, we discovered what travellers to New Zealand loved most about their visit... and the answer was surprising. Insight: Visitors came for the landscapes, but they left talking about the people. Kiwis are a warm, welcoming people and their embrace of manaakitanga (a Maori principle of hospitality) means they go to ridiculous lengths to make tourists feel at home while in NZ. This informed our big idea: To create an Ambitious global gesture that demonstrates the welcoming nature of New Zealanders. As the first country to see the sunrise every day, we gave New Zealanders the official role of greeting the entire world each new day with a ‘good morning’. Critical to our idea of manaakitanga was going to ridiculous lengths to make the world feel welcome by having a unique Kiwi welcome from real Kiwis every single morning for an entire year. We launched with an emotionally moving recruitment film which explained 100% Pure Welcome to Kiwis. This helped power the second stage of our campaign - recruiting real, everyday Kiwis from around the country to become the stars of our films. The campaign consisted of a different Good Morning World video daily as an ongoing, symbolic gesture of welcome. 366 Kiwis showed off their unique culture and place. • Like 2-year-old Sadie blowing the world a kiss from her rural Northland beach house. • Or Terau from Tokomaru Bay riding along the beach with his horse. • And Ray from Te Anau featuring his prized pet, Penelope the Pig. Bringing it to the world We needed people to feel our welcome and get a sense of the welcoming personality of Kiwis every morning. Static media wouldn’t convey the desired emotion. And we certainly didn’t have the budget to output new TV creative around the world every day. Social media was our secret weapon. Because the first thing most people around the world do when they wake up is to scroll through their social media feeds. And as they’re scrolling, we could be there every morning with a friendly ‘good morning’ from the other side of the world.


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