Product / ServiceSAVE THE CHILDREN
CategoryB03. Creative Effectiveness for Good
Idea Creation OVERMAN Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Media Placement OVERMAN Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Seung Eun Jang Overman Executive Creative Director
Yumi Sul Overman Senior Account Executive
Rosa Choi Overman Art Director
Chanmi Ahn Overman Account Executive

Summary of the work

100 WORDS PAIN_TING became a nationwide phenomenon through social buzz and massive earned media coverage. Parents learned how damaging hurtful words can be facing the heartbreaking painting of their own child. The public came to the shocking realization through our online/offline exhibitions. The exhibition became the most viewed painting exhibition in South Korea followed by Van Gogh and Chagall. With this, we have not only recognized a 100 years of brand history and the identity of child human rights protection but have also increased its presence as a children’s rights NGO. Here is the story how we achieved it. South Korea regards parental rights as one the most important values. They consider their children as their property and are not aware of the damaging repercussions caused by hurtful words when disciplining their children. We used the 100th anniversary campaign to attract public attention on this as verbal abuse rather than physical abuse is proper to gain public sympathy. Until now, Children’s Rights campaigns were promoted from the perspective of adults. We thought children had to express themselves to move the mind of the targets. We researched and narrowed down 100 hurtful words with child psychologists. We then selected 297 children, ranging from ages 3 to 16, and asked them to choose the most painful to them and express this emotion through painting. We thought painting was a more effective way of expressing themselves as children are not as strong as adults at verbal language. We invited parents to view their own children's paintings and held online exhibitions for the public. We created an interesting interface to guess which hurtful words are represented behind each painting and provided expert advice, alternative words and self-checklists that had helped inspire real change. February 28– March 14 2019, offline exhibition was organized at COEX — Korea’s largest exhibition venue : Spinning display boards let people discover what hurtful words are linked to each paintings. Afterwards, 65 more exhibitions were held in 17 cities, flooded with requests across the country. As an NGO, we suffer from budgetary deficit . So initially, we put campaign videos on paid media with the least amount of media spending to generate online interest and then harnessed our own media to continue to booster the campaign. We believed the children’s painting shared on SNS help go viral because they are very emotional and would appeal to the public.


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