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Product / ServiceTINDER INDIA
CategoryC04. Co-creation & User Generated Content
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU WEBCHUTNEY Gurgaon, INDIA
Idea Creation 3 DENTSU WEBCHUTNEY Bengaluru, INDIA


Name Company Position
Aabhaas Sreshtha Dentsu Creative Associate Creative Director – Art
Aniruddh Gawas Dentsu Creative Sr Art Director
Manasi Sheth Dentsu Creative Visualizer
Shabnam E Subha Dentsu Creative Copywriter
Suzanna Mathew Dentsu Creative Senior Copywriter
Kaavya Shah Dentsu Creative Senior Copywriter
Dhananjay Patni Dentsu Creative Account Executive
Juhi Mongia Dentsu Creative Senior Account Executive
Lohitaksh Guliani Dentsu Creative Associate Account Director
Esha Tiwari Dentsu Creative Group Head – Copy
Sumera Dewan Dentsu Creative AVP - Account Management
Pooja Manek Dentsu Creative Associate Creative Director – Copy
Harsh Shah Dentsu Webchutney - Dentsu Creative Executive Vice President

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

Brands tend to measure engagement in shallow metrics—likes & retweets. With this campaign Tinder India engaged with its audience on a public platform, personally. For every image tweeted to Tinder by the user, Tinder India responded with a photoshopped image, directly tweeting it to the user.


Situation Valentine’s Day is a cluttered day for brands. And for dating apps, it’s like Black Friday. Brief The task at hand was to devise a spike campaign for Valentine’s day that shines through the clutter of VDay comms and manages to gain SoV and brand love on social Objectives Drive salience as a dating app, for singles to remember on Valentine’s Day.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Instead of making people match on Valentine’s Day and celebrate love, something you’d expect a dating app to do, Tinder India helped singles get past their past. A day before Valentine’s Day Tinder India admin noticed a seemingly simple tweet highlighting the disappointment in having an ex ruin good pictures. Within minutes, the brand announced an unexpected service - Axe Your Ex by Tinder, a service that will photoshop exes out of pictures in real time and replace them with the fans’ true love, be it pizza, ice-creams or a tree. While the world was out to enforce connection, we were about the tough job: erasing exes, out of pictures, out of mind and definitely out of heart.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

• Target audience (consumer demographic / individuals / organisations) GenZ (18-24 y/o) makes for Tinder’s largest user base. They’re active on dating apps and also make for Tinder India’s largest chunk of audience on social. • Approach In 2021, dating went URL completely. Tinder India wanted to gain the maximum share of voice on Valentine’s Day, despite IRL dating being cancelled. Instead of matching people or talking about love in lockdown (which all other dating apps were doing), we decided to take an unconventional route to stand out from the clutter. • Call to action Send us a picture of you with your ex

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

• Implementation We devised a zero-budget twitter activation where 3 designers live-photoshopped the pictures and the social media team tweeted it as a response in real time to the audience. • Timeline We slated the activity for one day (24 hours) but extended it to one more day, courtesy incredible response to and demand for the Axe your Ex services • Placement The activation was executed solely on twitter, given the real-time nature of the platform.

List the results (30% of vote)

- Total impressions increased by 69.5% in February. - Brand engagement increased by 69.6% - 48.69% jump in followers - 256% increase in brand search queries - Owned 84% SoV of all category conversations.


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