Product / ServiceTENCENT WE SUMMIT
CategoryB01. UX & Journey Design
Idea Creation STINK STUDIOS Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 TENCENT Shenzhen, CHINA
Production STINK STUDIOS Shanghai, CHINA
Additional Company MASSIVEMUSIC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Vincent Li Tencent General Manger
Xiaolan Liu Tencent General Manger
Akae Wang Tencent Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
Yuanmeng Liu Tencent Copywriter
Ivy Huang Tencent Art Director
Dong Xie Tencent Art Director
Sonja Xu Tencent Designer
Ivan Zhang Tencent In-house Producer
Hunter Zhang Tencent Project Manager
Junhao Ma Tencent Project Manager
Katherine Lee Stink Studios Executive Producer
Ramzi Chaabane Stink Studios Managing Director
Raphael Ferraz Stink Studios Creative Director
Addie Hao Stink Studios Senior Designer
Kosta Lagis Stink Studios 3D Lead
Yang Zhao Stink Studios 3D Animator
Ethan Chiu Stink Studios Developer
James Yong Stink Studios Developer
Tim Zeng NOONE Arts Development Co., Ltd Post-production Supervisor
Campbell Mclean NOONE Arts Development Co., Ltd Post-production Supervisor
Haijian Luo NOONE Arts Development Co., Ltd Post-production Supervisor

Describe the creative idea

6.4 billion kms from earth, at the edge of the milky way where 40 years ago, Voyager 1 captured a momentous photo of our planet - the “Pale Blue Dot”. It all begins with a mini spaceship created for your phone, allowing you to relive Voyager 1’s historic journey, using gyroscopic and 3D technology. As you travel through the year 1990, you are prompted to glance back towards earth and capture a screenshot of our pale blue dot. This photo is your ticket to the summit.

Describe the execution

In less than 3 months of production, we created a space travelling experience to track the course of the Voyager 1 space probe in 31 years ago. We devised this unique way to bring the users to the summit, by taking them on an immersive and interactive journey as human beings travelling away from home. (1) Restore authentic space environment We rebuilt the solar system in 3D; created real-time shader programs; restored the unique texture and light of each planet; and used simulation software based on real celestial body information to confirm the real path of Voyager 1. (2) Optimize user experience To ensure a smooth user experience on different smartphone models, we optimized the visual texture while solving the problems of excessive loading time and choppy animation. (3) Created viral sharing on social platforms We launched the project on WeChat ten days before the Tencent WE Summit, creating a viral campaign by taking the advantage of WeChat's social attributes and PR promotion. Telling an educational science story about the "Pale Blue Dot", we not only successfully boosted live broadcast traffic, but also strengthened the user's perception of the scientific attributes of the WE Summit.


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