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Name Company Position
Dan Pambid DDB Tribal Worldwide Philippines Executive Creative Director
Kristoffer Bathan DDB Tribal Worldwide Philippines Creative Director
Andrea Peñaranda DDB Tribal Worldwide Philippines Social Media Director
Celine Hembrador DDB Tribal Worldwide Philippines Senior Art Director
Rooster Diaz DDB Tribal Worldwide Philippines Copywriter
Hannah Manalaotao DDB Tribal Worldwide Philippines Art Director

Describe the creative idea

#LearnSmart at home. That is the central idea behind the campaign. During a time made complicated by the pandemic and its accompanying worries, Filipino students don’t need to study hard to keep learning—they need something that will enable and empower them to study smart at home. Every execution is guided by that idea. What’s a smart way to introduce the product to our target audience? What's an immersive execution that will let the students experience that learning smart is possible with the product? Now that physical classes are suspended indefinitely, how can we give these students that school experience even when they’re stuck at home? Even the choice of online platforms is inspired by the idea of doing things smart and placing the materials where the students usually are during the pandemic—YouTube and Facebook.

Describe the execution

On August 28, 2020, the campaign was launched with an immersive 360º video placed on YouTube and was soon followed by the first-ever Smart University 2020 Virtual Campus, a series of Facebook Live videos. The 360º YouTube featured five student KOLs that the brand tapped. These KOLs invited their followers and other students to watch and interact with the video to explore and discover how Giga Study can help them keep learning smart at home. The Facebook Live videos is divided into 3 sessions that feature seminars with experts, lessons with guest teachers, games, a concert, a pep rally, and a virtual campus tour. Every session was complemented by Facebook posts that recap some learnings, give follow-up quizzes, and more. Data showed that the target audience spend a significant amount of time online, with Facebook and YouTube among the top sites or platforms. That is why those two are chosen to be the main touchpoints for the campaign. Both the 360º video and the Facebook Live videos reached students nationwide, with viewers and participants coming all over the Philippines. Design-wise, both the 360º video and the Facebook Live sessions were kept simple to keep the focus or highlight on the experience. This is also reflected in the creative and production process. Every step and choice were made with the goal of highlighting the immersiveness and interactivity of the campaign—from the script and the editing of the 360º video, to the look and segments of the Facebook Live sessions. After months of further views and engagement, the campaign ended on January 2021. Smart has always been at the forefront of innovation in the Philippines, and it is reflected in the innovative and immersive executions of the Giga Study launch campaign.


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