Product / ServiceHSBC
CategoryA06. Overall Aesthetic Design
Idea Creation MSL Hong Kong, HONG KONG


Name Company Position
Christopher Lee Publicis Groupe Executive Creative Director
Flora Tsui Publicis Groupe Creative Director
Francis Wong Publicis Groupe Creative Director
Kevin Lai Publicis Groupe Associate Creative Director
Alexis Chiu MSL Group Managing Director

Describe the creative idea

The ‘Art of Progress’ is an art piece that combines technology, big data and new media artforms to tell HSBC’s new chapter in its wealth growth story. The art piece turns real-time movements of Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index into dynamic art. Peaks, valleys, slopes, and inclines shift according to the volatility of the market. Throughout history, HSBC strives to help grow the wealth of customers. That is why the development of Hong Kong's WEALTH CENTRE is such a key milestone for the Bank. Located in one of the landmark buildings in Hong Kong, this new centre aims to facilitate the wealth decisions of clients. The Bank; thus, needed a new centrepiece that showed its progressive attitude. Leveraging the NFT and digital art trend, HSBC created 'the Art of Progress' to create harmony between data technology and the arts – as a metaphor for what HSBC stands for.

Describe the execution

Working with ‘HK’s top NFT artist’ Victor Wong, we had to choreograph a whole new piece of technology to collect the real-time data from the Hang Seng Index that creates daily and weekly art pieces, ensuring that no 2 art pieces are ever alike. Going back to the early 1800s at the HSBC archives, we also took design schemes of the HSBC bank notes, which represent wealth, and blended it with the digitally-formed art piece. Motifs include the iconic local tram, bank, and birds. The design of the art piece is also inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings, but with a modern twist. The Hang Seng Index is the financial pulse of Hong Kong, while art has always been a passion for High-Net-Worth Individuals. The idea combines the two to create a uniquely calming brand experience – an antidote to Hong Kong’s hustle and bustle. Every day when the market opens, ‘Art of Progress’ is recreated from scratch using the Hang Seng Index’s open-source market data. The artist’s proprietary algorithms then trigger updates throughout the day so that ‘Art of Progress’ is never the same from minute to minute, or from day to day.


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