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Idea Creation BBDO INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Josy Paul BBDO India Pvt. Ltd creative
Hemant Shringy BBDO India Pvt. Ltd Creative
Karan Nair BBDO India Pvt. Ltd Creative
Harshil Shah BBDO India Pvt. Ltd Creative
Thirukkumaran S BBDO India Pvt. Ltd Creative
Balakrishna Gajelli BBDO India Pvt. Ltd Creative
Omkar Raccha BBDO India Pvt Ltd creative
Jayeep Sarkar Native Films Direction
Kaushal Shah Native Films Photography
Prithvi Raj Luthra Native Films Producer
Prateek Kuhad Music Artist Music creation

Describe the creative idea

Creative Idea 'View Once moments on WhatsApp' are moments that celeberate the expression of your deepest emotions because with view once, you don't have to think twice. The rationale We wanted to deliver 'View Once' as an emotional commitment of our brand towards making WhatsApp a safe place to not only share their deepest feelings but share them on their own terms thus making it the key to unlocking the most intimate emotions that arise in work in progress moments.

Describe the execution

THE FILM : MOVING ON -The film follows the journey of Ajju, who grapples with fleeting moments of strength, independence, and vulnerability across the different stages of dealing with a heartbreak. It nuances those micro-emotions that entail a heartbreak, like the fleeting urge to pick up the phone and hear that familiar voice, then not doing it. The film celebrates the authenticity, spontaneity and freedom that comes from not having to think twice. The music of the film was integral to the roller coaster of raw emotions and moods that Ajju feels towards Mira while he is trying to leave the baggage of the past and forge a new relationship between them. You see how the View Once feature helps them stay connected and find the confidence to move on. It brings alive this intimate story through affectionate instances of how WhatsApp remains a private space for users to share their most personal moments while helping them open up with each other, as they like. The film ends in the solace Ajju and Mira in the moments exchanged. Placement and Scale and Touchpoints The campaign was launched as integrated campaign across Facebook, Instagram, TV, Digital and OOH and will include content tailor-made for Instagram and Facebook in the form of vertical short format stories, Gifs and Motion posters to drive relevance. Brand Relevance: The film reinforced the emotional commitment of WhatsApp to introducing features that give better control over your private moments Style and design choices: The UX of the feature is interwoven in the story making the feature an integral yet unobtrusive part of story telling, thus doing complete justice to the intense emotions that one feels. Timeline: The film was launched as a part of the overall campaign of ' Privacy', it was launched in Sep 2021.


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