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CategoryC01. Digital & Interactive Design
Idea Creation BWM ISOBAR Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement BWM ISOBAR Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production BWM ISOBAR Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Rob Belgiovane BWM Isobar Chief Creative Officer
Marcus Tesoriero BWM Isobar Executive Creative Director
Asheen Naidu BWM Isobar Executive Creative Director
Oskar Westerdal BWM Isobar Creative Director
Jon Foye BWM Isobar Creative Director
Margot Fitzpatrick BWM Isobar Executive Producer Broadcast/Integrated
Emma Durlacher BWM Isobar Senior Integrated Producer
Lauren Reilly BWM Isobar National Production Lead
Simon Holdaway BWM Isobar Head of Print Production
Eeuwout ‘Dutchy’ Baart BWM Isobar Design Director
Alanna Rados BWM Isobar Senior Finished Artist & Designer
Brendon Killen BWM Isobar Editor
Thomas Deng BWM Isobar Digital Art Director
Brent Kerby BWM Isobar Managing Director
Sophie Lander BWM Isobar Head of Client Services
Andrew Henderson BWM Isobar Group Account Director
Jessica Walley BWM Isobar Senior Account Manager
Ashley Martin BWM Isobar Senior Account Manager
Karl Bates BWM Isobar Strategic Planner
Elaine Loke BWM Isobar Website Chief Engagement Director
Ritika Jhaver BWM Isobar Website Project Manager
Rhys Martindale BWM Isobar Web Developer
Simon Harsent The Pool Collective Director & Photographer
Cameron Gray The Pool Collective Executive Producer
Ben Eagleton The Pool Collective Colourist
Emily Newbould Fin Post Producer
Mark Sterne Retouching Sterne Creative Retoucher
Michael Gie Rumble Studios Executive Producer
Tone Aston Rumble Studios Senior Sound Designer
Cam Milne Rumble Studios Senior Sounds Designer
Liam Annert Rumble Studios Senior Sound Designer
Bopper - Rumble Studios Music
Koo Abuali Rumble Studios Licensing Supervisor
Michael Bass Amplifi Chief Investment Officer
Lauren Small Carat Managing Director
Craig Cooper Carat Chief Investment Officer
Sue Cant Carat Client Partner
Emma Hegg dentsu international Head of Out of Home
Rebecca Eastman Amplifi National Production Manager
Al Vari - Investment Manager
Hayley Kingsley Amplifi Project Manager, Platforms & OOH Production
Iliyas Hafiz MKTG Scheduling Supervisor
Isaac Moores MKTG Digital Designer
Kristina Endrikhovskaia dentsu X Client Manager
Carolina Fullen Haystac Group Business Director
Mariel Malabanan Haystac Account Manager


The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is a leading multi-disciplinary biomedical research institute in Sydney. With 600 of the world’s brightest scientific minds working under one roof, collaborating across different areas of research and using the best technologies to investigate diseases, Garvan have revealed causes and treatments for countless diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, immunodeficiency and autoimmunity. But Garvan’s breakthroughs rely on continuing donations beyond their current small number of high-value donors. Our brief was to raise mainstream awareness and funding for the Garvan Institute, by bringing to life the unique benefits of their genomics research.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

‘Disease Dilemmas’ puts people in the uncomfortable position of trying to choose who they’d donate to – the young mother with pancreatic cancer or the musician with Parkinson’s disease? The teacher with a kidney condition or the student with immune disease? These impossible choices are brought to life as portrait pairings of real people living with different diseases, each execution posing its own unique dilemma that challenges people to think, interact and ultimately donate to the Garvan Institute, whose genomics research can help them all.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

‘Disease Dilemmas’ features 12 people living with different diseases, each captured against a neutral background, eyes facing camera. It was important to create a neutral canvas that doesn’t try to sway you either way. The art direction is subtle, always in the service of showing them just as they are. These quietly confronting portraits were then put in specific pairings and combinations that made choosing one or the other impossible. Across print, TV, radio, cinema, social, digital screens and out of home – plus takeovers at major metro train stations and even sports stadiums – we used the unique properties of each channel to impose our dilemmas, challenge the public and drive visits to diseasedilemmas.org where our 12 heroes shared their personal disease stories and the ways which Garvan helped them, via captivating long-form video portraits. All media was donated pro-bono and the campaign ran Australia-wide, March-July 2021.

List the results (20% of vote)

Disease Dilemmas’ generated over 87 million impressions, 1.1 million dollars in earned media and 61% increase in website traffic. Most importantly, the Garvan Institute received over 19 million dollars in donations in the campaign period.


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