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Product / ServiceMCDONALD'S
CategoryE01. Consumer Goods
EntrantDDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
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Name Company Position
Rahul Mathew Ddb Mudra Group Creative
Aditya Kanthy DDB Mudra Group Planning
Ashish Phatak DDB Mudra Group Creative
Shagun Seda DDB Mudra Group Creative
Siddhesh Khatavkar DDB Mudra Group Creative
Harshada Menon DDB Mudra Group Creative
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Roy Sebastian DDB Mudra Group Creative
Vivek Bhatia DDB Mudra Group Creative Team
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Asha Deora DDB Mudra Group Creative Team
Urja Patel DDB Mudra Group Creative Team
Aishwarya Likhite DDB Mudra Group Creative
Rahul Sharma DDB Mudra Group Creative
Anurag Tandon DDB Mudra Group Business Management
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Debjani Roychoudhury DDB Mudra Group Business Management
Anchal Bhojwani DDB Mudra Group Business Management
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Sonali Savla DDB Mudra Group Business Management
Bunsi Issar DDB Mudra Group Business Management
Mehak Jaini DDB Mudra Group Planning
Jaiprakash Tekwani DDB Mudra Group Planning
Somdatta Roychowdhuri DDB Mudra Group Planning
jay Gaikwad DDB Mudra Group Agency Production
Hrushikesh Inamdar DDB Mudra Group Agency Production
Avadhut Hembade QENCH STUDIOZ Photographer
Sunil Naik Sunil Naik Photographer
Vishal Sane Vishal Sane Photographer
Harshik Suraiya Vanilla Films Director
Kashif Memon Mothership Production Producer


2% of India’s population is disabled, that’s nearly 27 million people - more than the entire population of Australia. 27 million individuals who are routinely left out of marketing efforts, national initiatives and even the most basic experiences, because of our deep-set apathy towards the disabled. Disability is an invisible problem in India, with the government and most companies doing the bare minimum. As McDonald’s, our mission was to ‘Make Delicious Feel-Good Moments Easy For Everyone’. But when we discussed disability, we somehow only fixated on the easy i.e., access and not feel-good experience. We realised that for many people with limited upper limb mobility the feel-good burger experience probably rated zero. Our objective was to right this wrong in a way that drove true inclusivity at McDonald’s – capturing the country’s attention, improving people’s perception of our brand and inviting audiences that had long been ignored by Food Retail.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Everyone loves a burger. But not everyone is able to enjoy one. Millions of people around the world, with limited hand mobility, can’t eat a burger the way others can. With two able hands. Their favourite burger often strips them of their dignity and self-reliance. McDonald’s as a brand has always stood for equality and inclusivity. We partnered with NGOs and disability experts to create a case called EatQual. A specially designed case that holds the contents of a burger together for those with mobility issues, so they can eat it with just one hand. We launched our full-fledged campaign with a digital post on 3rd December 2020, ‘International Day of Disabled Persons’. We followed it with a film, that featured a real-life electrocution survivor with limited hand mobility. Print, social media, radio, instore communication drove home the message of EatQual.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

With a simple change in our packaging design, we decided to make burger-eating equal for all. We partnered with NGOs and disability experts to create a special case called EatQual. Our hexagonal packaging system locks the burger and its contents into the package there by avoiding spillage, and let our disabled customers to eat a burger with just one hand. Instead of a horizontal design, we designed a vertical one. This enabled it to be a cover and a holder at the same time. An easy flip-open mechanism added to the ease, a flat base increased stability. The materials used was same as the existing packs – i.e. low cost, food grade paper. The packaging is foldable and can be stocked effortlessly in store. And today, we have EatQual packs available across our stores. The simplicity of the design made it easily adaptable in every market.

List the results (20% of vote)

EatQual Captured the Country’s attention • Impressions: 13.4 Million • Reach: 11.1 Million • Earned PR worth ₹7.2mn with just a meagre ₹200k spent on marketing • Garnered 300k+ organic views in just 10 days • Overall giving us a 35x return on investment Improving McDonald’s Brand Scores • 33% Increase in Brand Trust • 67% Increase in Brand Interest Inviting new audiences that had been long ignored by Food Retail • Usage of our EatQual packs grew 7x in last 3 months – That’s Nearly 1000 Disabled guests enjoying burgers equally Eatqual received unprecedented love and praise from our fans and from the disabled community, successfully changing the narrative of inclusivity in an apathetic country who sat up and took notice of a problem that we had long overlooked.