Product / ServiceSC ASSET
CategoryA01. Consumer Goods
EntrantWOLF Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation WOLF Bangkok, THAILAND
Production FACTORY01 Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Torsak Chuenprapar Wolf BKK Chief Creative Officer
Phannika Vongsayan Wolf Bkk Managing Director
Torsak Chuenprapar Wolf Bkk Art Director
Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng Wolf Bkk Creative Director
Woottipong Lamangthong Wolf Bkk Creative Group Head
Thosaporn Kaewnurachadasorn Wolf Bkk Account Director
Chanapat Srabua Wolf Bkk Agency Producer
Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng Wolf Bkk Copywriter
Phachara Saothayanan Wolf Bkk Senior Copywriter
Chonlatid Saenghiran Wolf Bkk Business Director
Torsak Chuenprapar Wolf Bkk Copywriter

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We have found that consumers will always look for home improvement items before buying an actual house. The ‘Feel Like’ A New Home collection is a new approach that become the next level use of experience design, using small scale items to deliver the wackiest experience to trigger consumers that no matter how many home improvement items they buy, it will never be able to deliver the same pleasant living experience like buying the new home at SC ASSET's sales event.


SC ASSET, Thailand's no.1 housing developer, wants to launch a major end-of-year sales event offering discounts on all residence types. The timing couldn't be any worse as it is a period when all developers come up with their own sales event, so the question is, how can we differentiate our campaign to be different and more insightful.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created the ‘Feel like a NEW HOME’ collection, a collection of ridiculous home improvement items that, at their best, can only make you “feel like” being in a new home. The purpose of this collection is to provoke and remind consumers that these ridiculous home improvement items aren’t the true solutions, and their benefits won’t last long. Better buy a new home, so check out SC ASSET FINAL SALE.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We know that prospective buyers are already looking for a new house, but a wider yet untapped pool of consumers are those who struggled with their current living conditions but haven't decided on buying a new home. The latter is the actual audience of this campaign. Our potential buyers constantly experience day-to-day problems regarding their living conditions due to being a part of an extended family living in a single household, which is a typical Asian culture. They tend to solve them by purchasing home improvement items that can only fix their problems temporarily. We want to trigger our potential buyers that none of these “feel like” solutions are working. The real solution is to buy a new house, so they must not miss the sale.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

“Feel like a NEW HOME Collection”,inspired by three main living problems with tongue-in-cheek humor. DO NOT DISTURB HOODIE Inspired by racehorse blinders, this hoodie will keep you on track with whatever you're doing. Leave the chaotic life behind you, making you ‘feel like’ you have privacy. FOREST WINDOW POSTER No more unpleasant views, this window poster provides you an instant green scenery. Making you ‘feel like’ you’re living in a room with a gorgeous view. THONGLOR DIFFUSER Breathe in the scent of the heart of Bangkok. Making you ‘feel like’ you’re living in the prime area of Bangkok. The items in this collection were delivered by direct mail to potential buyers and those who registered on our Facebook page and website. They were also displayed and distributed at various home improvement stores.Every item comes with a message“Feel like” is never enough, better buy a new home.

List the results (30% of vote)

People love the “Feel Like a New Home” Collection. With 32 million total impressions in the first week, +86% Traffic to sales gallery +1615% Website visitors However a lot of people do not want to just “feel like”. During the campaign period, 19 home projects were all SOLD OUT! Bringing in a total sales of 130 Million USD (4,300 million THB)


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