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Name Company Position
Rianna Puno FleishmanHillard Manila Vice President, Consumer & Brand
Soichiro Rosario FleishmanHillard Manila Senior Account Manager
Alexandra Martin FleishmanHillard Manila Senior Account Executive
Katherine Te Unilever Philippines Brand Manager, Selecta

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The Selecta Happinas campaign was developed to further cement Selecta’s role in creating and sharing happy moments between people. To achieve the campaign objectives of creating awareness and driving engagement, the team employed a comprehensive strategy designed to reach audiences in the digital spaces wherein they were most active, establishing partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), a wide range of influencers, and the Grab app to disseminate key campaign promotions and drive purchase. Moreover, maximizing activations in platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram proved effective in reaching a target market more active than ever on social media.


The global happiness rank of the Philippines went down in the midst of the pandemic and world’s longest lockdown. Given the insight from a survey conducted by Selecta - that 66% of Filipinos find happiness in human connection - Selecta took on the challenge to reignite connection and bring happiness back to the Philippines or Pinas, hence the name ‘Happinas’. The Selecta Happinas Campaign was launched to create opportunities for people to strengthen their valued relationships through the simple act of sharing ice cream. The campaign had one simple objective: to share happiness with the whole Pinas. This goal was integrated into all of the campaign’s pillars, such as: 1. Takeover on digital platforms as a key channel in the pandemic to keep people connected. 2. Presence in the Philippines’ biggest retailer chains and driving purchase on-ground. 3. Above the line saliencies on TV, PR, influencer, and social media initiatives.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

With COVID-19 causing one of the biggest disruptions in modern history, people were forced to stay home, creating distance and disconnection. The Philippines and the rest of the world became anxious and unhappy, because community and social connections are so critical — helping to power our happiness through uncertain times and providing us with the strength we need to push forward. #ShareHappinas is a play on the words “Happiness” and “Pinas” (the abbreviation of Philippines in Filipino). For decades, Selecta has lived at the heart of communities, spreading and sharing in moments of happiness from street corners, to pavements and local stores. Selecta saw the need to remind people that it’s still possible to spread happiness in a socially-distant time. By celebrating togetherness and social connections, #SarapNgSamaSama (Selecta’s previous brand campaign, meaning the “joy of togetherness”) can once again take hold in people’s homes and extend towards their communities.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Selecta Ice Cream is #1 brand of Ice Cream in the Philippines, known to spread happiness in every street or corner that its ice cream is found. Selecta’s portfolio boasts an extensive range of brands, flavors, and formats to cater to Filipino consumers of all ages and backgrounds. The objective of the Happinas campaign is to spread happiness across the country through Selecta Ice Cream – to uplift the Filipino spirit amidst the pandemic and remind them of that spark we get when we connect with people. The team developed a comprehensive strategy to reach audiences in the physical and digital space to ensure saliency across all touchpoints of the consumer journey. The team established partnerships across retailers, digital platforms, and media & influencers to disseminate key campaign promotions and drive ice cream purchase.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

DIGITAL ACTIVATIONS: To increase brand and campaign presence nationwide, the team tapped into the biggest digital platforms, reaching 16M+ Filipinos across the country. RETAILERS (ON-GROUND): The team utilized partnerships on both offline and online channels – maximizing key partners such as Grab, the biggest online delivery platform in the Philippines, and well-known convenience store chain 7-Eleven. Consumers could find Happinas merchandise through Selecta Ice Cream freezers nationwide. MEDIA/PR: The brand produced a series called Happy Scoops, which was aired on TV Patrol, the longest-running Filipino language evening newscast in the Philippines, and collaborated with celebrity endorser Carmina Villaroel-Legazpi, stand-up comedian Red Ollero, and happiness advocate Dr. Gia Sison. The team also released the short hero film announcing Selecta’s partnership with Grab. A virtual map was also created, capturing each new moment of happiness sparked and shared through each Grab delivery of Selecta ice cream.

List the results (30% of vote)

Selecta Happinas generated PHP 2.3M in PR values with a total reach of 8,016,146. The campaign also generated 16M PHP in earned media. Upon the launch of the Selecta Happinas campaign, various efforts contributed to a solid 300% increase in Selecta sales made through the Grab app (vs. previous weekend). Offline, with over 5,000 stores participating, the campaign push led to over 250,000 Selecta sharing bundles sold. Overall, the campaign positively impacted brand sales, netting a PHP50M increase in sales in the first three weeks of July. For the #ShareHappinasChallenge, the virtual map logged a total of 697,309 happiness moments across the country, with the first 500,000 moments appearing within Ice Cream Month alone. Combining the results, 40M+ Filipinos were called to share Happinas with Selecta. By taking over International Ice Cream Day, the brand created a new occasion for Selecta Ice Cream in what was once an off-peak season.


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