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Product / ServiceLIFE PLATE
CategoryC03. Exhibitions / Installations
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TOW CO.,LTD Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 DENTSU LIVE INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazuhiro Shimura Dentsu.Inc Creative Director
Ryo Sasaki Dentsu.Inc Copywriter / Planner
Nagisa Haruta Dentsu.Inc Copywriter / Planner
Ryo Seki Dentsu.Inc Planner
Seri Tanaka Dentsu.Inc Art Director
Qing Yang Dentsu.Inc Business Producer
Atsushi Mukunoki Dentsu.Inc Business Producer
Shinya Ohta TOW CO.,LTD Producer
Tomoyuki Kato DENTSU LIVE INC. Director
Takafumi Shindo SHINDII LLC. Producer
Wataru Sakamoto J.C.SPARK INC. Designer
Ryo Fukushima T2 Creative Co., Ltd. Producer
Ryoji Yabusaki T2 Creative Co., Ltd. Producer
Ryo Tenpourin T2 Creative Co., Ltd. Producer
Takaya Nakajima TOW CO.,LTD Producer
Ryo Muramatsu TOW CO.,LTD PR Producer
Takaomi Maeda DENTSU CREATIVE FORCE INC. Creative Producer
Tatsuya Shimizu Dentsu Creative X Inc. WEB Producer
Hitoshi Nakao Dentsu Creative X Inc. WEB Producer
Takahiko Fukumori Dentsu Creative X Inc. WEB Producer
Yusei Yosida ANTIL Inc. PR Producer
Hazuki Nakane ANTIL Inc. PR Producer
Anna Kurisu ANTIL Inc. PR Producer
Mayuko Imaizumi Freelance Cooking Expert
Miyuki Shimamoto Freelance Cooking Expert
Yasuyuki Kanazawa Demon Pictures co.,ltd. Producer
Hirohito Hiraga Freelance Photographer
Ryosuke Kimura Freelance Photographer
Akane Matsui Freelance Food Stylist

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

EcoFlow, a leading brand of portable power stations, proposed a new idea to use portable power stations, which have traditionally been used mainly for camping, as a new "disaster preparation" tool and delivered it to users as a unique experience. By doing so, the company changed the conventional image of emergency food, and as a result, succeeded in popularizing the portable power station as a new disaster preparation tool.


"In recent years, due to the accelerating climate change, natural disasters have become more frequent. In a disaster situation where electricity and other daily life infrastructures are shut down and daily life becomes difficult, what people can eat is greatly limited. Standard emergency food tends to be cold, hard, and nutritionally unbalanced, causing mental and physical stress for people who are forced to live in a very different living environment from their usual one, which is known to pose additional health risks. EcoFlow is the global leading brand of portable power stations. We took on the challenge of changing the common sense of emergency food by using a portable power station, which has mainly been used for camping, for disaster preparation."

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

"We have developed a new emergency food made using portable power stations called ""LIFE PLATE"". Our recipes can be easily prepared with only the power of portable power stations, even during a power outage. Victims can use the recipe to save energy and protect the health at the same time. The recipes include ""Super High-Calorie Risotto"", which can be made with just one spoon to supplement necessary nutrition; ""Thermo Tech Ginger Soup"", which raises body temperature and protects disaster victims from lowered immunity; and ""Waterless Bread"", which can be made without using any precious water. Based on the concept of using food as a solution to the problems faced in times of disaster, a variety of emergency food recipes were devised which can be prepared in a short period of time using ingredients available in the home, while saving time and water."

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

In the event of a major disaster, when infrastructure such as electricity and gas is cut off, it becomes difficult for people to live their lives as usual, posing the risk of various diseases and ill health. As a leading brand of portable power stations, EcoFlow has developed "LIFE PLATE", a series of recipes that is filled with ideas for solving disaster-related problems and changes the status quo of emergency food. Through the development of "LIFE PLATE", we have succeeded in raising awareness among consumers that portable power stations, which have mainly been used for camping, can be effective as a disaster preparation tool.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

In October 2021, we opened a restaurant serving this emergency food, LIFE PLATE, in an off-grid mountain hut with no electricity, gas, or water infrastructure; the environment similar to the one during a disaster. The restaurant was operated using only the power of portable power stations for all of its energy needs, from cooking to heating and lighting. Visitors to the restaurant were offered the experience of tasting a new emergency food course. Furthermore, the recipes developed were published on a website. A system was created where people could enter the ingredients they had on hand, and emergency food that could be made using those ingredients would be displayed. As a result, people all over Japan have started to make new emergency food.

List the results (30% of vote)

This project was covered by more than 170 media outlets, including TV and the Internet. The project drew a great response as "an initiative to overturn the common sense of food in times of disaster. In December 2021, the second "LIFE PLATE" restaurant was opened in an outdoor plaza in Ariake, one of Tokyo's largest disaster prevention centers, and was crowded with customers. Many people made the new emergency food based on our recipes and posted them on SNS. In addition, the product was selected as one of "The 100 Best Inventions of 2021" by TIME Magazine. The new emergency food, which is warm and delicious, provides energy to support both body and mind. By updating the traditional emergency food, which were aimed at survival, we succeeded in popularizing portable power stations as a new disaster prevention tool.


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