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CategoryD03. Use of Social & Digital Platforms
Post Production THEQUIETLAB Singapore, SINGAPORE
Post Production 2 NEON SOUND Singapore, SINGAPORE
Additional Company NETFLIX Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Fajar Kurnia GOODSTUPH Managing Partner / ECD / Art Director
Jeremy Chia GOODSTUPH Managing Partner / ECD / Art Director
Jason Yong GOODSTUPH Art Director
Kahi Xu GOODSTUPH Associate Creative Director
Adam Kerr GOODSTUPH Copywriter
Putriani Mulyadi Netflix Copywriter
Erik Gunawan GOODSTUPH Associate Creative Director
Antonia Elizabeth Tan Ming Hui GOODSTUPH Regional Business Lead, Project Manager, Producer
Sarah Nurdanita GOODSTUPH Senior Digital Strategist, Producer
Jintapatee Mahaworrakarn GOODSTUPH Project Manager
Soham Adwani GOODSTUPH Tech Lead
Sarah Illingworth UM Group Director APAC
Melliana Utami UM Associate Media Director
Jerome Bigio Netflix Marketing Director, SEA
Nicole Effendy Netflix Marketing Lead, Film & Series, Indonesia
Yilin Lin Netflix Creative Production Lead
Gwendolyn Ang thequietlab Producer
Ian Ng thequietlab Editor
Terence Chan Neon Sound Producer
Edmund Wee Neon Sound Audio Engineer
Joshua Tan GOODSTUPH Producer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Being one of the most pirated shows in Indonesia, we knew fans would find ways to stream the final season of Money Heist illegally. So we then created “Series For All”, our own illegal streaming site with all the episodes. We gave them a taste of the first episode, which, in true Money Heist fashion, had an unexpected prank 4 minutes in. We seeded it on Twitter using “spam bots” to make it seem even more legitimate. Fans who were pranked took to social to then prank their friends.


Money Heist is one of Indonesia’s most well-loved shows on Netflix. While it may be the show’s last season, it’s actually Netflix’s first time marketing Money Heist in such a big way, so that passionate Indonesian fans would have a moment to celebrate it. The brief was to create a movement that unifies the fans, and make the launch of Money Heist’s final season the biggest event of the year in Indonesia. We were tasked to launch a campaign that would create conversations about this highly anticipated season among fans, to get non-fans feel like they’re missing out on something big.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Being one of the most pirated shows in Indonesia, we knew fans would find ways to stream the final season of Money Heist illegally. So we created our own illegal streaming site with all the episodes, which we called “Series For All”. Fans thinking they hit the jackpot were given an unexpected twist when they watched the first episode. Realising that this was a stunt by the 'Professor and his gang', they then shared the streaming link to their friends to prank them! What was a typically a serious message about encouraging subscription, not pirating was given a Money Heist twist.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We’re speaking to young and connected Indonesians living in Jakarta. Fans love the show because of its wider themes of resistance, rebellion and survival. They’ve grown to become protective of the characters, and are quick to react to anything Money Heist related. We wanted to drive subscriptions to Netflix using Money Heist and with this being one of the most pirated shows in Indonesia, we felt this was a ripe opportunity for the ‘Professor’ to address. We needed to make this feel real, so the idea of creating an illegal streaming site just for Money Heist episodes to wrap our message of ‘subscribe, don’t pirate’ was born.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

RICK-ROLLING THE FANS After the first two minutes of the first episode, we made them the butt of the joke by interrupting it with the show’s characters laughing, and saying, “Come on… you didn’t think it was going to be that easy?” MAKING IT MORE LEGITIMATELY ILLEGITIMATE Flashing banners, Comic Sans, clashing colours… we did it all. We also bought multiple domains and included search terms that are typically used to find illegal streaming sites. We even seeded it on Twitter through the use of “spam bots” to get more eyeballs on our site… because nothing spells “illegal” more than spam bots. Fans who were tricked then tried tricking their friends as well by sharing the link! BRAND PARTNERS HOPPED ON THE BANDWAGON GoPay saw an opportunity, and joined in by plastering ads on our site to inform Indonesian fans that they can now subscribe to Netflix through their app.

List the results (30% of vote)

+270K users +565K page views +1.5M event counts 25M impressions 305K site visits 65.92% engagement rate 17.29% CTR on search


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