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Why is this work relevant for Media?

A unique signature is important to every artist. Nikon is a legacy camera brand and one who has facilitated art through the lens since years. On an average over 5000+ pictures are posted on Instagram using the #NikonIndia in a week. On World Photography Day, this number doubles and is at a high through the following week. To celebrate the legacies that the Nikon community (photographers) creates and builds through the camera, the brand gifted them a digital tool that helped them craft their unique signature online and give their individual legacies a personalized digital stamp on Instagram.


On World Photography Day, the craft (photographs) is what gets celebrated and not the craftsman (photographer). The photographer tends to get no focus in all the barrage of beautiful images shared online. Nikon India wished to shift focus to the person behind the camera. As one of the leading camera brands in India, the objective was to own the conversation among the photographer community on World Photography Day on Instagram - a platform that is celebrated for visual content.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

We created the first ever personalized digital watermark for photographers that could be easily accessed from within the Instagram eco-system. Instagram Stories is the primary feature used by photographers to promote their work. The Gif section (powered by GIPHY) present within the Instagram Stories mechanism was used to host the watermarks.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Instagram is a creators paradise but can also be a creators worst nightmare, especially if the work is not copyrighted. Photographers, both amateur and professional, utilize their Instagram profiles primarily to showcase and promote their work. They also post highly detailed captions complete with their camera specifications. In order to ensure their photos are not replicated they resort to using watermarks and often these watermarks are not social media friendly. On an average over 5000+ pictures are posted on Instagram using the #NikonIndia in a week. On World Photography Day, this number doubles and is at a high through the following week. As a brand that facilitates the creation of the art, we decided to provide a way for these photographers to brand their captures, natively within Instagram, to make it easy for them to leverage the opportunity of World Photography Day.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Before World Photography day, followers of Nikon India Instagram were asked to share a picture of their Nikon gear using #NikonInstaBadge. On World Photography day, custom photoshopped badges were created and uploaded to Giphy in real time by Nikon India. These gifs contained the photographers' camera model and their Instagram profile name. The photographers could then search for their personalized Gif badge from Giphy keyboard within Instagram Stories itself and use them when they next posted a picture. 2000 such badges were created in the span of 24 hours and more than 50,000 by the end of the campaign. What started out as a one day event turned into a campaign that ran over a fortnight. This campaign was completely organic. No media spends were involved.

List the results (30% of vote)

2000 Instabadges created in the First 24 hours of the campaign going live. More than 50,000 Gif badges created till date (Giphy keeps removing them) 3 Million views of all stickers on Nikon India’s Giphy account during the campaign (11 million till date) 10,000+ mentions on World Photography Day for the brand Nikon India. Prominent Indian photographers went on to use their personalized Nikon InstaBadges on their stories The campaign was completely organic, with zero media spends done.


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