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Idea Creation SENSETEAM Shenzhen, CHINA


Name Company Position
Guangyuan Zhao SenseTeam Video Editing
Yanping Liao SenseTeam Video Editing
Wantong Zhao SenseTeam Video Editing
Junwei Li SenseTeam Video Editing
Lixian Zhou SenseTeam Video Editing
Zhijuan Huang SenseTeam Copy Writer
Jingjing Lin SenseTeam Copy Writer


1. Brand Building for Shenzhen Fashion Week through modern communication to create a fashion brand image that conforms to the soul and quality of the city. 2. Reach the height and popularity of the world's four fashion weeks through brand building. 3. Establish brand communication with professional and public circles through communication. Shenzhen is a young, fashionable and international city, at the forefront of China's fashion field. Shenzhen Fashion Week is a gathering of brands and designers from 20 countries and regions, including China, the United States, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea. It represents that Shenzhen is stepping forward to become a "fashion capital". Where the fashion week is held, it indicates that the fashion culture and design industry of that city has a profound accumulation, and more importantly, it symbolizes the awakening of fashion in that city.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Brand relevance : As a young, fashionable and international city, Shenzhen is at the forefront of China’s fashion industry. Shenzhen Fashion Week represents Shenzhen’s march towards the “fashion capital” and also symbolizes the city’s fashion awakening. Moving forward with the core concept of "fashion, never stop", it has become Shenzhen's fashionable city card. This design concept uses the soul of Shenzhen, a young and fashionable international city, to lay the tone of the overall design thinking and transform fashion into a design language. In modern media age, we establish brand image in a dynamic way. We extract the first letter SZFW to represent the Walking Model, and create Model Fonts. Target audience: Global fashionistas, fashion brands and fashion agencies.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

We extract the first letter SZFW to represent the Walking Model, and creat Model Font. We provid a full range of brand services for Shenzhen Fashion Week and designed a comprehensive brand visual management system that covers basic visual, video, website, prints, identification visual and environmental visual. Font design: We designed 26 exclusive letters, numbers and commonly used punctuation marks for Shenzhen Fashion Week. The font is tall, slender, elegant and beautiful, which looks like a model. The font set is inspired from logo design and can be independently applied into the overall image system. Multi-media design:Dynamic video is often more eye catching than static one. We used dynamic video to interpret 6 different styles strategically: model letters, forge ahead, walking information, fashion spacewalk, Archimedes spiral and kaleidoscope world. In this way, rich contents are presented to make a more intuitive and vivid brand image.

List the results (30% of vote)

Relying on the Shenzhen Fashion Week LOGO, we have created a complete brand vision management system, covering all levels of basic vision, video, website, printed matter, identification system, and environmental system. Through repeated and continuous multiple forms in time and space, creating an eye-catching visual language. As a result, Shenzhen Fashion Week has gained widespread attention and created a city-level hot topic. Drive 150 media reports, 60 million media exposure. Realize multi-dimensional, multi-platform matrix communication, and promote the public's attention and understanding of the fashion field. Faithfully present the brand strategic positioning of Shenzhen Fashion Week, convey unique brand temperament, and enhance brand recognition, recognition and memory.