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Idea Creation OVERMAN Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Media Placement OVERMAN Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Nara Shin OVERMAN Account Executive
Sungmin Lee OVERMAN Account Executive
Sujin Choi OVERMAN Account Executive
Minjae Kim OVERMAN Account Executive
Donghyun Park OVERMAN Account Executive
Miso Choi OVERMAN Account Executive
Seungeun Jang OVERMAN Creative Director
Rosa Choi OVERMAN Art Director
Suil Hwang OVERMAN Art Director
Boram Cheon OVERMAN Art Director
Chunggeun Koh OVERMAN Copywriter
Gwangho Kim OVERMAN Art Director
Soyun Kim OVERMAN Art Director
Soyoung Park OVERMAN Producer
Jaemin Hyun OVERMAN Producer
Simon Jang OVERMAN Editor

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Banana-flavored Milk was No.1 flavored milk brand in S. Korea. This brand was a very special brand that had over 98% brand awareness in all generations and didn't have any negative images in any generations. Therefore, this brand has focused on the young generation who could like other beverages, such as cokes, juices, energy drinks, etc. Moreover, this brand had little news because it released new products once a year. We planned the breakthrough to gain some huge interests from audiences and media by planning the eco-friendly theme and interactive craft.


Banana-flavored Milk was No.1 flavored milk brand in S. Korea. This brand was a very special brand that had over 98% brand awareness in all generations and didn't have any negative images in any generations. The client didn't want to increase the market share. Because there was no powerful competitive in this category. The client wanted to use the brand's powerful influence to change some social matters. The objectives were to plan the original and unique campaign that other brands couldn't follow and desired outcome was "visible social change" with "visible buzz".

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Korean consumers, after having experienced a severe garbage problem in 2018, became more aware of recycling and reducing their disposable plastic usage. Banana-Flavored Milk, as the most popular dairy brand in Korea, decided to execute a CSR campaign to address this issue. We set out to explore different sustainability issues, and came upon one that was directly in tie with the Brand itself as well. The issue was that whilst Korea is rated second in the world for their diligence in recycling, 79% of the recyclables collected are in fact not recyclable. The primary reason being the food residue left on the containers, unwashed. We set out to resolve this simple, yet important issue of washing recyclables by increasing awareness and involvement on the matter.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

1.The target audience of the campaign was the MZ generation. Banana-flavored Milk, while priding itself of being a brand enjoyed by all ages, determined that the target audience would be the one that would most actively propagate the campaign, while meeting the budget. 2.However, MZ generation has shown aversion to PSA and other educational messages. Since most environmentally-friendly campaigns were serious in nature and boring, it was surmised that the target audience would have fatigue towards environmentally-friendly campaigns. Our primary objective was to incorporate the idea of “fun” into otherwise dull, educational campaigns, as to deliver the core brand value and to entice the MZ generation. Therefore, we created the unique machine, which made them want to post its photo on their SNS feeds. We used the rule that the exclusive experience could be a social capital for their society.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

The campaign period : one month (July 18. 2020 - Aug 16 2020) - Mass media and youtube AD campaign executed to draw attention to the issue of “washing & recycling.” - The installation was started on July 24. The placement of the main installation was a 991 sq. m. space in Sungsoo, a popular destination for the MZ generation. Serving as an experience space for consumers to learn more about “washing & recycling”, people could wash containers here, and receive materials to help them achieve proper recycling habits. This ensured that the campaign did not end as a fun gimmick. - For the non-visitors, a “Hand Wash Challenge” was initiated on Instagram and YouTube channels, with a total of 50,000 followers. A challenge to get people to prove their recycling habits with cleaned Banana-flavored Milk, this allowed the brand to communicate with its fans first-hand as well.

List the results (30% of vote)

Pop-up location visitor count : 11,548 : Over 11k People met this washing machine and 28% of them buzzed their experiences to their social channels. Total view count of campaign film : 28,611,232 : This score meant to be for each 20~30s people to watch them at 4 times during the campaign. Total visits to campaign website : 274,507 Exposure in media : 117 features, 8,138,000 media impressions : We gained 16 times higher buzz score than the eco-friendly campaigns that were conducted at the same time. After campaign, Awareness on “Washing & Recycling” became 71%, up from 61.4% Habituation of “Washing & Recycling” became 50.8%, up from 44.3% surveyed before campaign started.

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