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EntrantBELONG Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production COLLIDER Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Post Production FIN DESIGN & EFFECTS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Post Production 3 RISK SOUND Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Adrian Mills Deloitte Digital Creative, Brand & Advertising Partner
Matt Lawson Deloitte Digital Chief Creative Officer & Partner
Charles Baylis Deloitte Digital Executive Creative Director
Rob Weir Deloitte Digital Head of Motion and Production
Gustavo Vampre Deloitte Digital Creative Director
Britton Upchurch Deloitte Digital Copywriter
Kyle Lotherington Deloitte Digital Designer
Marlese Sloan Deloitte Digital Producer
Morgan Collins Deloitte Digital Group Account Director
Natalie Ng Deloitte Digital Account Manager
Wibishana Rockwood Deloitte Director, Sustainability Services
Ben Symons Deloitte Manager Strategic Reputation and Risk
Kelly Schulz Belong Customer protagonist
Leanne Boyd Belong Brand and Strategy lead
Clare Taylor Belong Brand Orchestrator
Peng Lee Belong Business Performance Lead
Thelma Austin Belong Cultural Jedi
Damon Cameron Collider Production Director
Olivia Hantken Collider Executive Producer
Ellie Craven Collider Production Manager
Matt Chang Collider Drone Operator
Adam Wills Collider Editor
Alastair Stephen Fin Design + Effects Executive Visual Effects Producer
Stuart White Fin Design + Effects VFX Supervisor
Mikey Smith Fin Design + Effects VFX Supervisor
Emily Newbould Fin Design + Effects VFX Producer
Abigail Sie Squeak E Clean Sound Engineer
Meg Drummond Squeak E Clean Producer
Dee Gjedsted Risk Sound Sound Engineer
Dylan Stephens Risk Sound Sound Engineer
Dylan Stephens Risk Sound Sound Engineer
Dylan Stephens Risk Sound Sound Engineer
kate Gibson Risk Sound Producer
Sally McManus Risk Sound Producer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The Carbon Thumbprint campaign is hundreds of individual media tactics, used to bring to life a very big idea. Not only does each component create knowledge of the issues at the heart of the campaign, they also give the audience a direct opportunity to make change. It is also an example of a campaign where the execution is integrated in a way that the media and idea rely on each other for impact.


10% of the world’s energy goes into running the internet. And barely anyone knows it. Belong, a digital first Australian telco is committed to being a leading Australia’s environmental transformation and in 2020, they became the first Carbon Neutral accredited telco in Australia. The only issue was that no one thought of their mobile network as a source of CO2.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

HARNESSING DATA TO REDUCE DATA EMISSIONS To help sell the solution and drive customers growth, we had to give people a way to talk about the problem. So we created a powerful new way to understand the impact of your digital and mobile data impact. The Carbon Thumbprint: each individual’s personal CO2 output created by their data use every year.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Working with Australia’s leading economists and sustainability experts, we created a formula that translates network usage to CO2 emissions. This formula unlocked an awareness campaign that spanned every media type. We launched with an integrated campaign introducing the concept of the Carbon Thumbprint which lead to viewers to the Carbon Thumbprint app. This app converts your mobile network usage into an amount of CO2, so you can see your personal data emissions. What’s more, the app displays your Carbon Thumbprint to scale using Augmented Reality and then directs you to neutralise your impact by switching to Belong.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

So you can see your effect on the environment, in your environment. - The network usage formula allowed us to measure every media moment, showing people the Carbon Thumbprint of websites, social media, online video, podcasts and more. The idea brought together economists, creatives and developers for a creative campaign backed by rigorous data. Each step drove viewers to neutralise their Carbon Thumbprint by switching to Belong.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign's creative use of data brought the truth to life in a way that got people’s attention, turned customers into advocates and helped to neutralise tonnes and tonnes of CO2. Since launch, sales of carbon neutral products have exceeded 95,000 units, removing 50,000kgs of potential CO2 emissions.


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