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Sheryl Yang Budweiser Brewing Company APAC Limited Brand Manager

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Inspired by the Internet Meme of "He Who Dares Wins". As a brand that always encourage people to live with punch with a strong fighting spirit, Boxing Cat partnered with TikTok, the #1 short-video platform in China, launched a TikTok Video Challenge to recruit more people, and to share their fighting punch, as well as spread this positive spirit virally in a fun and creative way on the social platform.


During 2020, people suffered from a tough time and people were forced to quarantine at home for a long time. However, Chinese people fought back with positive attitudes and creativity. As a brand, Boxing Cat wants to encourage people to live with a punch with a strong fighting spirit. Inspired by the Internet Meme of "He Who Dares Wins". Boxing Cat wants to boost the post-pandemic economy and reignite people’s passion for living. Hence, we partnered with TikTok, the #1 short-video platform in China and launched a TikTok Video Challenge to recruit more people to share their fighting punch and spread this positive spirit virally in a fun and creative way on the social platform

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Covid-19 outbreak hit the Chinese people in 2020, however, we also witnessed the potentials to make the impossible possible. Due to this epidemic, people’s values shifted from pursuing career success, to exploring new things and completing their dreams. They started to cherish all the things after they had realized the fact that you only live once. Our audience is the young generation between 25 to 29 years old, who live in fast-paced cities. They refused the traditional commercial communication means, instead, they prefer new and fun interactive ways. In summer 2020, which was post-pandemic period, the life in China was gradually back to normal. These people were inspired by the Internet Meme "He Who Dares Wins”, to chase the dream they are passionate about. Then we corporate with TikTok, the most-loved social media platform during Covid-19, reaching DAU of 600M during Covid-19, to create new ways to interact with them

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

TikTok is the biggest short-video Platform in China and its DAUs reached 600 Million during the quarantine. TikTok is embedded with advanced technologies to encourage good UGCs and also this platform is developed a good way to drive more E-commerce conversion. To boost the Post Covid-19 economy and reignite people’s passion for living, the Chinese government has been encouraging a “street vendor economy” which is offering multiple street locations and allow people to set up their own booth to do businesses. This is also an opportunity to encourage people as entrepreneurs. Many of young people are positively participating in multiple markets and re-start their lives in a fun way. Young people started to use the slang"He Dares to Wins" as the slogan for their street vendor economy and gradually, this slogan turns to be a generic but powerful

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

In the pre-heat phase, we launched a 15s new TVC, showing the hero Louie to encourage people to step out of the comfort zone and tell them that it was time to do things they were dreaming. Then, we have drafted a communication strategy of "He who dares wins", to hijack the most popular local slang among young Chinese consumers. We further leverage our hero "Louie" to deliver the message and resonate with young consumers on TikTok Platform. Boxing Cat Brewery signed an official collaboration with TikTok and initiate a National Challenge with a fun and interactive filter for Contender, to vividly interpret the slogan to the audience and inspire more people to stand out. From August 19th to 25th, the "National Challenge" on Tiktok went viral. After the National Challenge, we then brought our beers and the same idea to offline events, to interact with our customers

List the results (30% of vote)

In just 7 days, over 75,000 users had generated content, with 128 million earned impressions and 7.93 million engagement achieved. We achieved 3 times more challengers than the average and almost 100 million people were inspired by the content created in our campaign “He Who Dares Wins More than 100,000 UGC participation were reached, during the one-week of TikTok National Challenge. In the experiential part, Boxing Cat brought our Louie and the beers into multiple offline markets, to interact with the audience.This time, not only our contenders were accurately reached on a large scale, but also the sales were increased by 9%, reaching 141 HL of Contender Extra Pale ALe


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