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CategoryG08. Market Disruption
Idea Creation MATA ANGIN Jakarta, INDONESIA
Media Placement PHD INDONESIA Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
yohannes muliady Mata Angin Executive Creative Director
Elizabeth Inkan Mata Angin Managing Director
Anton Yudhistira Poe Mata Angin Creative Director
Zulham Septoni Mata Angin Creative Group Head
Albenna Reevo Mata Angin Account Manager
Raesaka Yunus AOI FILMS Film Director
Wawan Syaifulah AOI FILMS Producer

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Social media has become very important in Indonesia. More than 160 million Indonesians are active social media users. The campaign leveraged the use of social media in a completely different way yet relevant with the tension faced by the target audience.


In early September 2020, a campaign to launch MPWR, a new telco provider, was put in place to launch on the following month. To drive awareness and visibility, the campaign plan had heavily relied on out of home touchpoint. Due to the skyrocketing number of Covid-related deaths and over-capacity among hospitals, on 9th September 2020, The Indonesian government reimposed the strict strict Large-Scale Social Restriction, forbidding any outdoor activities. A practical lockdown, once again. This meant that MPWR's original launch campaign would be ineffective. MPWR needed to adapt its launch plan with the latest situation.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

With news circulated on social media of how life in other Asian countries -Singapore, Vietnam, China- began to open up, the fact that Indonesia must return to a practical lockdown has made people felt powerless. The contrast between having to stay at home again versus the news of how people in Wuhan had began partying. MPWR must immediately adapted its launch strategy. How do you launch a new telco brand at a time when people feel powerless? Let the people take over the campaign.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

MPWR targeted the Gen-Z of Indonesia with the estimated population of 48 million people. They are very active on social media with YouTube as the most used platform (We Are Social Indonesian Digital Report 2020). MPWR as a brand decided to hand over to the youth of Indonesia the power to take over every touchpoint booked for its launch campaign from the safety of their home. YouTube was central in the strategy as the most used social media platform in Indonesia. Followed by Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

First, we booked all the digital advertising spaces we need. Including the most expensive one: the YouTube Masthead. We then invited everyone to display their power by putting anything they want on those spaces. All anyone needed to do was posting any content using the hashtag #IniKekuatanKita, this is our power. The YouTube Masthead took over began on the 5th of October 2020. It was followed up by the take over of MPWR's Instagram, TikTok and Twitter by the public until 26th of November.

List the results (30% of vote)

With practically 0 production cost, 2680 people hijacked the world’s prime digital billboard for 24 hours full. The takeover reached more than 52,000,000 people. Garnering more than 413,000,000 impressions. MPWR gained more than 34,000 new followers on Instagram, 30,000 new followers on Facebook, 2000 new followers on Twitter, and 30,000 new followers on YouTube. The campaign takeover was covered by national TV, and the hashtag #inikekuatankita (#thisisourpower) was even adopted by the nation-wide movement protesting against the controversial omnibus law that left many powerless. The number of subscribers skyrocketed to more than 90,000 in under 2 months making MPWR to be the second most subscribed digital telco in Indonesia just behind the market leader By.U.

Please tell us how disruption in your market place inspired the work

With the highest Covid-19 related mortality rate in Asia, overnight, Indonesia must re-entered a total lockdown situation. A sense of powerlessness swept the country. While it was obvious that MPWR needed to adapt its launch plan, there is one thing that anyone could still do from the safety of their home. To put up anything they want online. As a newcomer in Indonesian telco industry, what could be a better opportunity to launch the brand of MPWR other than empowering the people to enjoy a liberty amidst sudden restrictions? To empower the public to take over completely the launch campaign of MPWR with anything each and every person desired.


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