Product / ServiceTURKEY
CategoryB02. Use of Audio Platforms
Idea Creation M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement HYLAND Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production WE LOVE JAM Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Cam Blackley M&C Saatchi Chief Creative Officer
Mandie van der Merwe M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Avish Gordhan M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Melissa Hawkett M&C Saatchi Art Director
Jason Leigh M&C Saatchi Copywriter
Sarah Cowen M&C Saatchi Senior Producer
Vanessa Boueyres M&C Saatchi Group Head
Laura Jones M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
Sarah Dillon M&C Saatchi Account Manager
Hylton Mowday We Love James Studios Composer
Jason Leigh We Love James Studios Voice artist
Christina Qazi Hyland Media Group Business Director
Isobel Beith Hyland Media Comms Executive
Yash Gandhi Baiada Head of Marketing
Shawn Stevens Baiada Senior Brand Manager
Saba Khan Baiada Brand Manager
Rhiannon Purrer Baiada Assistant Brand Manager

Why is this work relevant for Media?

Steggles didn’t make ads, they made hilarious branded workout bangers. Then sold the protein benefits of turkey to fitness lovers while they exercised at home during lockdown. Our ‘Ugly, but good for you’ bangers were composed to perfectly match Spotify’s workout genres, so we didn’t interrupt their workout. They kept getting fit while we revealed the ultimate protein hit. Spotify loved them so much they agreed to break their own format and run them in full. It worked — people didn’t skip. The songs smashed Spotify’s clickthrough benchmark, made the news and were sought out on Youtube.


Turkeys are ugly but good for you, because they’re packed with natural protein. The problem was, fitness fiends didn’t associate turkey with protein — instead they thought of red meat, fish and shiny cans of powder from the gym. But when the world went into lockdown and people were stuck training and cooking at home, Steggles saw an opportunity. The brief was to build an identity for our ugly bird, something that resonated with protein fiends, and increase consideration amongst health conscious and active Australians. Our objective was to reach fitness fanatics while they were mid-work out and most interested in protein, and give them a laugh while extolling the virtues of our relatively unknown and unloved ugly bird.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

Turkeys are ugly, but good for you. And no one understands the benefits of ugly things better than fitness fanatics — slippery spin class seats, wet spandex pants, heaving thighs...yuck. But good for you. So these ‘ugly, but good for you’ workout songs spoke to fitness lovers while they were working out at home during lockdown. For gym junkies listening to Rock playlists, we celebrated bulging veins and sweaty yoga mats. For Spin Class playlists, we rapped about bouncing butts and burning legs. For Pop playlists we crooned about surviving heartbreak and finding yourself. For techno running playlists we sang about learning to dance and hosting kids’ birthday parties. By composing songs that perfectly matched Spotify’s workout genres, we didn’t interrupt their workout. They kept getting fit while we revealed the ultimate protein hit.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Steggles wanted to reach an untapped audience of Aussie protein lovers who didn’t know much about turkey, or have any idea of its protein-rich health benefits. Our strategy was firstly to give turkey a distinctive identity amongst Australians, one that would allow it to compete with the patriotism attributed to lamb, the masculinity of beef and the wellbeing associated with fish. We then wanted them to associate turkey with health and fitness, so we targeted them while they were working out and most interested in protein. And — while they were stuck in home lockdown and looking for new healthy things to cook.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Our long-form workout bangers were placed first in the ad breaks of Spotify’s top fitness playlists between 25 August and 3 September 2020. Because they were composed in the same genre as the songs the listener had just been exercising to, they were indistinguishable and unobtrusive. We targeted health conscious and active Australians through playlist targeting and audience segment targeting. Our branded workout songs were featured on the top workout, yoga, running and biking playlists. They were also targeted at the following key audience segments: Fitness Enthusiast, Runners, Health and Wellness, Healthy Living, Sport and Recreation and Podcast Listeners. Spotify loved the songs so much that they broke their own format rules to run them in full.

List the results (30% of vote)

This audio-led campaign drove awareness of Steggles Turkey to 337,244 fitness lovers across Australia while they were working out to Spotify workout playlists. The songs were listened to more than 1.4 million times with more than an 80% completion rate and 325% better clickthrough than Spotify’s benchmark. It was picked up by mainstream television news stations and then people sought the songs out on YouTube. While the campaign was focussed purely on brand awareness, it led to an immediate 6% uplift in sales.


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