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Name Company Position
Ajay Thrivikraman Publicis Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Mihir Dhairyawan Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Jocelyn Chabanis Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Eugene Pua Publicis Singapore Associate Creative Director
Natalie Vander Vorst Publicis Singapore Vice President, Global Clients
Prachi Partagalkar Publicis Singapore Business Director
Jess Geli Publicis Singapore Senior Account Director
Alicia Chew Publicis Singapore Senior Account Executive
Ed Booty Publicis Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Jordan Price Publicis Singapore Regional Head of Planning


Over the course of 50 years, Vicks had become an iconic, ubiquitous brand in India, reaping the business rewards of strong nostalgic goodwill, as a brand closely associated with mother’s care. But the brand had begun to rest on its equity laurels, driving growth through extension, news, and rational persuasion, without refreshing brand affinity for a very long time. We had to bring Vicks back to its growth curve and accelerate the business by at least 10%. This is the story of how we reignited strong affinity for the brand, and the dramatic business impact that resulted. At the core of Vicks is FAMILY CARE. Care is timeless, ever powerful and our ultimate difference as a brand. Family, however is evolving. We identified the opportunity to re-establish Vicks’ ownership of care by giving the timeless idea of family care a fresh and contemporary meaning. Today, no longer is the family a tight-knit unit that shares one gene-pool, one name, one value system, or one location. Real family is increasingly defined by who cares for you, and who you care for, far more than just who shares your surname. In today’s world, where there is care, there is family. Our idea was to inspire conversation by pushing the boundaries on what family and care mean, through the stories of families that have never before been formally acknowledged by conventional society. We scouted for real stories that represented "family care" in modern India and the Philippines. People engaged with Vicks like never before and even better than we had expected - garnering close to a 100 million collective views of our films, and being picked up by media outlets across the world (e.g. CNN, NBC, Buzzfeed), generating over 100 pieces of news articles. As a result of this groundswell of engagement, we successfully re-gained brand trust among consumers, climbing up 18 positions from the year prior to campaign launch (2017) in Economic Times' annual Most Trusted Brands survey. Most importantly, we helped to prime subsequent business growth that drove a spike in household penetration by 22% and sales growth by 70%.

Please tell us how the brand purpose inspired the work

For over 125 years, Vicks' purpose has been rooted in the idea of “care“. Vicks products are created to allow families to care for one another. In today’s world, we are seeing the concept of family increasingly being defined by who you care for, and who cares for you. Family and care are timeless - so even as the definition of family continues to evolve in the modern world, Vicks believes that everyone deserves the touch of care. Recognising the transformative power of care, we wanted to celebrate it with the extraordinary stories of the people who have lived it by their actions.

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