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CategoryE01. Food / Drink
Idea Creation BUDWEISER CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Arya Wu DraftLine (Budweiser) Associate Creative Director
Leo Zhang DraftLine (Budweiser) Executive Creative Director
Uma Zheng DraftLine (Budweiser) Associate Creative Director
Woody Pan DraftLine (Budweiser) Creative Director


Qixi, the traditional Chinese Valentine’s day, is the time for people to express their thoughts about love and celebrate for their love stories. It should be a festival for everyone but in current society, LGBTQ community has not been fully understood. In the traditional view of marriage and love, heterosexual marriage is regarded as the correct form of love and a symbol of filial piety for parents. Through this unique design, we want to make our products carry the concept of authenticity conveyed by the brand, and encourage consumers to bravely express themselves. The budget for bottle design is 200K RMB

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Our audience are all citizens who celebrate love on Qixi, mainly in LGBTQ community, young and well-educated people in tier 1/2 cities. Speaking out on Pride day is not enough for LGBTQ community. But more importantly, people should see the same nature of love. People should celebrate love even if it is different from them in traditional valentine’s day. By advocating adhering to the true self and embracing diversified expressions of love, the brand shows its true self attitude to consumers. Product design idea - kiss bottle We illustrated two pair of lovers with kissing face on each bottle. When two bottles were combined, they created a kissing couple. And when different bottles were combined with each other, different kinds of lovers were represented.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

In Chinese Valentine's Day, we designed two 'Kiss Bottles', with two lovers on the front and back sides.But when two different products are combined, there will be more different love types. Meanwhile, we launched the Qixi Festival limited edition gift box on the Tmall.The gift box is a product display device, with a three-sided hollowed-out design to show three different kinds of love.

List the results (20% of vote)

Overall, we got 15K consumer generated contents, 180+ news clippings and 21 million RMB in AD value.