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CategoryA02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
Idea Creation CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Production 2 DIVISION Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Post Production CHE PROXIMITY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Nicole Papoutsis Genea Head of Brand and Marketing
Alice Ross Genea Corporate Communications Manager
Karen Sivieng Genea Digital Co-Ordinator
Elizabeth Gosch Genea Corporate Communications Manager
Philip Kim Genea Graphic Designer
Chris Howatson CHE Proximity Chief Executive Officer
Ant White CHE Proximity Chief Creative Officer
Renee Hyde CHE Proximity Managing Partner
Cameron Hoelter CHE Proximity Executive Creative Director
Richard Shaw CHE Proximity Creative Director
Jeremy Hogg CHE Proximity Creative Director
Fee Millist CHE Proximity Senior Copywriter
Darren Cole CHE Proximity Head of Design
Trent Michael CHE Proximity Senior Designer
Sebastian Perez de Arce CHE Proximity Senior Designer
Reece Lawson CHE Proximity Digital Design Lead
Nicholas Biggs CHE Proximity Account Director
Judy Crema CHE Proximity Senior Account Director - PR
Nick Zonnios Clemenger BBDO Head of PR
Lauren Hunt Clemenger BBDO Senior Business Director - PR
Katherine McCulloch CHE Proximity Research Marketing Manager
Holly Alexander CHE Proximity Director, Strategic Production
Elena Szymanski CHE Proximity Broadcast Producer
Anna Boucaut CHE Proximity Technology Project Manager
Sebastian Bennett-Leat CHE Proximity Technology Project Manager
King Yong CHE Proximity Senior Editor
Patrik Fagard CHE Proximity Creative Technologist
Andy Stewart CHE Proximity Creative Technologist
Mike Deane CHE Proximity Chief Media Officer
Tim Russell CHE Proximity Head of Strategy, Media
Anna Longson CHE Proximity Integrated Planner
Yenfei Tan CHE Proximity Addressable Manager
Katrina Anastasi CHE Proximity Digital Executive


Genea, a world-leading fertility clinic, saw their Australian market share slipping. Once an industry leader, their competitors’ share of voice had increased and relegated Genea to the middle of the pack. To make matters worse, IVF advertising in Australia is a sea of sameness with brands following the same category conventions. With brands and their marketing interchangeable in the minds of patients, media budgets play a huge factor in market share. Unfortunately, Genea’s media budget meant we couldn’t outshout our competition, so the only option was to outthink them and find a way to make Genea a market leader once again. Our brief and objectives covered four main points: Drive an increase in Genea consultations & web traffic Make Genea top of mind among the IVF audience Broaden awareness of the brand outside those currently thinking about fertility treatments (especially among a younger demographic) Reaffirm Genea as a market leader

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

When it comes to conception, society still focuses on natural sex between a man and a woman. Yet 1 in 20 children are conceived via IVF. But with a lack of public acknowledgment that this is a normal way to have a baby, people with fertility issues feel stigmatised and unable to talk about it. To make Genea top of mind among patients and drive action, we wanted to break this stigma. So we rewrote the story of ‘Where babies come from’ and made IVF as natural as sex. The rebrand challenged every category norm. Instead of highlighting the sterile, medical nature of IVF, we captured the joy of conception and making babies, no matter where they come from. A provocative tone, bright colours, playful typography and modern illustrations helped us connect to a younger audience – with each touchpoint a far-cry away from what has been done before.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

Playful and positive, the new Genea brand shares the story of where babies come from in a light-hearted way that stands out from an otherwise sterile IVF category. The rebrand touched every part of the business — patient and doctor brochures, posters, banners, emails, social posts, appointment cards, business cards, balloons, bandaids, a film, and even a kids book. Every piece of communication became an opportunity to tell our new IVF story.

List the results (20% of vote)

We started in the IVF community, but soon the story of where babies come from was being talked about in the wider community and was covered by national TV news. This resulted in an earned media reach of 5.1 million. (In Australian terms, that’s ¼ of the population). We reached 92% of our target audience on social media and increased patient engagement by +27% MoM leading to an increase in site traffic increased by 121% Importantly the story of where babies come from was no longer just about natural conception. Genea managed to broaden the story to include IVF too.


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