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Production C3 FILM Tokyo, JAPAN


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Alex Keith Procter & Gamble Client
Ajit Nayak Procter & Gamble Client
Yoshiaki Okura Procter & Gamble Client
Kelly Vanasse Procter & Gamble Client
Kaori Nambu Procter & Gamble Client
Ryoichi Okada Procter & Gamble Client
Jun Ogasawara GREY TOKYO Creative
Ken Mitani GREY TOKYO Creative
Katsuhiro Fujimoto GREY TOKYO Creative
Yukika Anan GREY TOKYO Creative
Rui Nago GREY TOKYO Planning
Daijiro Yamakawa GREY TOKYO Creative
Ryohei Ishizuka GREY TOKYO Creative
Sayaka Adachi GREY TOKYO Account
Hirohito Maruyama GREY TOKYO Account
Melissa Lim GREY TOKYO Account
Rodrigo Jatene GREY WEST Creative
Rafael Gonzaga GREY WEST Creative
Tescia Deak GREY WEST Creative
Ana Puig GREY WEST Creative
Justin Ramírez GREY WEST Creative
Shinkichi Yokoyama C3Film Co.,Ltd. Production Company
Yuki Iiizumi C3Film Co.,Ltd. Production Company
Yuto Adachi C3Film Co.,Ltd. Production Company
Kei Takahashi Freelance Production Company
Takaki Kumamoto Freelance Production Company
Masao Okuda Freelance Production Campany
Noboru Tomizawa Freelance Production Company
Ayaka Nakata Freelance Production Company
Erik Reiff audioforce Production Company
Kenny Dallas audioforce Production Campany
Soichi Murayama Platinum, Inc. Public Relations
Takeshi Shimizu Platinum, Inc. Public Relations

Cultural/Context information for the jury

HAIR THAT FIGHTS UNIFORMITY AND CONFORMITY Globally, Pantene is the brand to expand possibilities of women through hair. In Japan the biggest social pressure holding women back are uniformity and conformity. Pantene and Baby Chanco with her mother decided to fight together against the norm. IT’S NOT JUST BABY CHANCO. SATO KONDO IS ANOTHER ICON. The key to make this campaign unprecedentedly conversational in Japan was not only Baby Chanco but also TV announcer Sato Kondo, who has been applauded for letting her hair grow gray. She used to appear on TV with her hair dyed. Harnessing the momentum that she had just started appearing on TV with her natural gray hair, we featured her in the video as the narrator and new year’s newspaper ad together with Baby Chanco, which resulted in media coverage of 208 and 1.5 billion media impressions only within Japan.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

Picture book traslation A lovely story about a baby with unique hair. The Hairy Tale by babychanco Even when I was in my mommy's tummy I had lots of hair growing. Sway, sway, swaying…just like seaweed under the ocean. My mommy instantly fell in love with my hair. She's always telling me how cute I am. I can be the sun. I can be a sunflower. And my teddy turned into a lion. And my teddy turned into a lion. Everyone all over the world told me I look CUTE. Well, almost everyone… I wonder if that's because I look a little different? (She looks different! It's weird!) (Why don't you cut her hair to look like other babies'?) (Cute? More like worrying) (Why can't she just be normal?) (I really wanna cut it off) But my mommy didn't mind. Because my mommy LOVES my hair. One day, a wonderful thing happened! A baby with lots of hair, was about to get his hair cut! But when his mommy saw my pictures, she realised it's okay to be different. There are so many wonderful things happening around me. And if everyone can learn to love their differences, this world may become a much nicer place.


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