Product / ServicePUBLIC SERVICE
CategoryA10. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
EntrantDDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Production DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rahul Mathew DDB Mudra Group National Creative Director
Shagun Seda DDB Mudra Group Executive Creative Director
Ashish Phatak DDB Mudra Group Executive Creative Director
Manish Darji DDB Mudra Group Executive Creative Director
Aditya Kanthy DDB Mudra Group Group CEO
Prasad Rao DDB Mudra Group Group Creative Director
Tushar Sawant DDB Mudra Group Associate Creative Director
Arcot Rahul DDB Mudra Group Creative Director
Akanksha Mishra DDB Mudra Group Manager Corporate Communications
Ellina Rath DDB Mudra Group Manager Corporate Affairs
Ankita Choudhary DDB Mudra Group Manager Brand Solutions
Amol Jadhav Shoot@sight Owner
Ravindra Ambavkar DDB Mudra Group Associate Digital Pre Press Services

Cultural/Context information for the jury

Since 2011, Syria has seen the barbaric use of chemical weapons, state-sponsored terrorism, gun attacks, car bombings and air strikes on a weekly basis. Social media has been flooded with millions of hashtags and posts in support of Syrians. But sadly, it hasn’t changed their reality. Today, over 13.1 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian relief. We need people to go beyond just talking about Syria and start donating towards their cause. To make people come face-to-face with the gruesome reality of Syria, we took the help of renowned photo journalists at ground zero. And created a series of communication that showed injured Syrians with hashtag-shaped band-aids that barely cover their wounds. We scouted social media for popular hashtags used to support Syria and used them to create a narrative that makes people realize that hashtags don't heal. And the only way to make a difference, is by donating.