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Product / ServicePUPPO
CategoryD01. Standard Sites
Idea Creation COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Media Placement MEDIACOM New York, USA
Media Placement 2 MILKMONEY California, USA
Additional Company PUPPO Portland, USA
Additional Company 2 SOCIALFLY New York, USA


Name Company Position
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Creative Chairman
Levi Slavin Colenso BBDO Chief Creative Officer
Kim Ragan Colenso BBDO Creative Director
Mike Davison Colenso BBDO Creative Director
Lauren Southon Colenso BBDO Copywriter
Gina Morgan Colenso BBDO Art Director
Eliza Romanos Colenso BBDO Copywriter
Josh Hart-Vrijkotte Colenso BBDO Designer
Hamish Steptoe Colenso BBDO Designer
Reks Kok Colenso BBDO Retoucher
Ahmad Salim Colenso BBDO Group Business Director
Nico Ainsworth Colenso BBDO Senior Business Director
Arameh Bozorgi Colenso BBDO Account Manager
James Baker Colenso BBDO Account Executive
Emma Tait Colenso BBDO Digital & Data Strategist
Joe Carter Colenso BBDO Communications Director
Hamish Mortland Colenso BBDO Senior Content Producer
Leonid Sudakov Puppo Kinship President
Winson Wong Puppo Head of Kinship
Adelyn Zhou Puppo Head of Marketing Puppo
Steve Simitzis Puppo Head of Product
Matt Barnes Colenso BBDO Head of Digital
Tennille Barnes Colenso BBDO Head of Digital Production
Kate Clark Colenso BBDO Digital Producer
Elle Kiddie Colenso BBDO Digital Producer
Casey Chan Colenso BBDO Digital Banner Designer
David Arcus Colenso BBDO Creative Technologist
Chris Riding Colenso BBDO Digital Developer

Write a short summary of what happens in the ambient or digital execution or campaign.

Puppo is a pet nutrition company that creates bespoke meals for dogs. To reflect Puppo’s promise of personalisation, we created 100,729 unique ads for 100,729 dogs. To create a unique ad for every dog registered in New York City, we created a world-first, bespoke piece of technology that algorithmically created personalised ad placements. It utilised data from the NYC Dog Licensing Dataset, linking each dog to a unique Puppo health benefit. It then inputted all of this data into a sophisticated modular copy and art direction system to generate thousands personalised placements. The campaign allowed consumers direct interaction with street posters, generating website traffic and a more engaging consumer experience. Each ad had a unique QR Code that upon scanning, drove the owner to the website where a shopping experience was tailored to their dog. The campaign was led by street posters and supported by digital OOH and digital display.

Cultural/Context information for the jury

We were tasked with introducing Puppo to New York City. To ensure dog owners saw their dog’s individual ad, we deployed posters and digital OOH that targeted owners by zip codes within dog-walking distance to where they live. Placements were supported by geo-targeted digital displays to ensure we achieved the reach and scale needed for every NYC dog parent to see their advert. In order to engage our audience, we spoke language throughout our copy that New Yorkers with dogs would respond to. We referenced specifically “New York” expressions, locations and events, such as “New York minute”, the Subway and New York Fashion Week.


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