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Product / ServiceVOLVO
CategoryD02. Ambient Outdoor


Name Company Position
Chad Mackenzie whiteGREY National Executive Creative Director
Ronojoy Ghosh whiteGREY Creative Director
Grace O'Brien whiteGREY Creative
Whitney Moothoo whiteGREY Creative
Matt Simms whiteGREY Senior Strategist
Justine Leong whiteGREY Group Account Director
Alex Sunier whiteGREY Senior Account Manager
Kenny McLeod whiteGREY Senior Account Director
Lisa MacFarlane whiteGREY Producer
Mark Brightwell Brightwell Films Editor
Nick Connor Volvo Car Australia Managing Director
Stephen Connor Volvo Car Australia Sales, Marketing & Network Director
Julie Hutchinson Volvo Car Australia Marketing Director
Garth Dawson Volvo Car Australia Marketing Manager Communications

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The Living Seawall has given Volvo a permanent, out-of-home placement in a landmark location. A location that will be monitored by researchers for the next 20+ years. And importantly, will continue to give Volvo an opportunity to showcase their divergent approach and credentials as a contemporary and premium automotive brand. It is a purposeful piece of design that adds complexity to any existing seawall – transforming a harmful, yet necessary, manmade structure into a viable marine habitat. By mimicking native mangroves, it’s design aids biodiversity and attracts filter-feeding organisms that actually absorb and filter out pollutants – such as particulate matter and heavy metals – keeping the water ‘clean’. The more organisms we have, the cleaner the water. The Living Seawall is a radical and divergent style of thinking that doesn’t just showcase what Volvo do. It’s showcases who they are.

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Volvo is committed to building a sustainable future. By the end of 2019, Volvo Cars will remove single-use plastics from all its offices, canteens and global events. Their commitment to electrification sees a goal of putting 1 million electric cars on the road by 2025. As a founding member of the UN Global Compact and an active supporter of the UN Environment’s Clean Seas campaign, Volvo’s also has a long-term commitment to ocean sustainability. More than half of Sydney’s shoreline is artificial. Rich, vibrant habitats have been replaced with manmade seawalls and degraded by pollution. Over 50% of our native mangroves have been lost, and these mangroves play a large role in the health of the ocean by filtering particles and pollutants. We can’t tear down these seawalls, but we can use divergent thinking and design to attract marine life that filter and clean the water.

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