Product / ServiceVISIT PERU
CategoryA05. Use of Original Composition
EntrantENJIN Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ENJIN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production ENJIN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Mitsuhito Sato ENJIN TOKYO Creative Director+Copy Writer+Producer
Shunsuke Nakamura ENJIN TOKYO Planner+Copy Writer
Yuriko Ban ENJIN TOKYO AE+Producer
Benn TK Freelance Director+DoP+Editor
kohki - Freelance Cast
Erik Reiff audioforce Music Producer
Kenny Dalls audioforce Music Producer
Daniel Müller audioforce Composer
Nelson Piccin audioforce Composer
Luis Arturo Camacho Caldas Drone Films Project Drone
Iván Thibaud Drone Films Project Drone
Taisuke Seki euphoria factory Casting Director
Natsuki Nakayama Gunn's Cast Booker
Mariko Nozaki NOVAJIKA Production Manager
Jordi Juste NOVAJIKA Production Manager
Ken Shimizu LATINO Coordinator
Danny Cordova MICKEY TOUR Coordinator
Oscar Zacarias MICKEY TOUR Coordinator
Jimmy Ponce MICKEY TOUR Coordinator
Rie Kurahashi MICKEY TOUR Coordinator
Kazushige Takebayashi SHA inc. Art Director
Natsuki Isa SHA inc. Designer
Ryuya Suzuki Step MA Producer
Hisashi Kumagai Step Mix
Akiko Aoyama TTR / PPC Composite
Ashita Iju AUR Inc. Consultant
Miyabi Ishida AUR Inc. Consultant

Why is this work relevant for for Music?

The movie features swift-tempo sequences and multiple unexpected clever transitions that tastefully arrest the attention of targeted millennials accustomed to quality music videos. The editing also lifts viewers’ spirits and maximizes their anticipation for an exciting trip. The lyrics are also original and related to Kohki’s travels in Peru.


Few Japanese are familiar with Peru's many scenic spots and attractions, apart from Machu Picchu. Many Japanese also consider South America to be on "the other side of the world" and vaguely see Peru as being expensive and troublesome to visit. So relatively few Japanese travel there and conventional travel promotion is not very effective. Our aim was to increase travel to Peru by showing millennials its attractions and letting them know that Peru can be enjoyed on relatively short trips.

Describe the creative idea

Today's information overload made it essential to produce content targeted millennials would seek, because their generation simply ignores content that sounds like a sales pitch. So we had influencers popular with millennials travel throughout Peru in a convincing manner the target could relate to. The movie has a music video style with clever, fast-paced editing and music that conveys the excitement of the journey.

Describe the strategy

To change Peru from “a country you want to visit someday” to “the next country you want to visit”, we developed movies under the concept “Peru, the Great Nation of the Unexpected” with influencers as the main characters traveling in Peru. As in the main message, “A week in Peru stays with you forever”, we communicate the ability to enjoy a short trip in Peru by only presenting locations that could be visited during a one-week journey.

Describe the execution

From Peru, the influencer posted photos on his Instagram page. Later we created a travel movie and launched it online, especially on social media frequently visited by targeted Japanese millennials. We mainly used PROMPERU’s YouTube channel, but also posted them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When the movie went online, the influencer also posted the movie on his Instagram page.

Describe the outcome

Within a month of its release, the movie earned over 1,000K plays and 3K engagements on social media. It was also widely covered by the media and the subject of 46 articles. It should be noted that the YouTube Video Completion Rate for the 3-minute-long movie exceeded 50%. These results suggest our movie won the hearts of targeted viewers. We also received many comments and inquiries regarding the music track.

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