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jane Zhang arkr GROUP Senior Account Director
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Why is this work relevant for for Music?

The brand looks for a resonance medium-music that is associated with young consumers. The medium is also an element living in the DNA of Levi's® brand. Sound is life, music is also a window to capture consumer sentiment. Levi's® through music cure consumers and build brand image. The entire Levi's ® Music Campaign combines 2 music platforms, connecting speakers, musicians, original hits, and strawberry music festivals to complete collaborations based on the entire music ecosystem.


Situation As a well-known American brand and a leading brand in the denim industry, although Chinese consumers aware of Levi's, lack brand identity and preference. Lack of “tools” to impress young consumers, brands are getting older Levi's is slowly fading away from the youth’s sight. They gradually stopped wearing jeans and forgot the spirit of authentic represented by Levi's logo. We want to rebuild the brand image in the youth and export the brand spirit to them. Put Levi's back on them and rooted in their hearts. Brief & Objectives we find an element, music, existing in the DNA of both the youth and Levi's.Then we find someone with Levi’s spirit and music genes to tell young generation stories about Levi's. Strengthen the spirit of the brand and portray the brand image Close the distance with young consumers Creating brand meaning in the minds of young people

Describe the creative idea

Look for a resonance media-music cues associated with young consumers. we find people with Levi's® spirit and music genes to build emotional and emotional resonance with people through Culture Center, IDOL, ICON. 1. Reaching young generation in a wide range via big platforms and musicians Together with 2 music platforms, bringing together musicians, original hits and music festivals to complete collaborations based on the entire music ecosystem. 2: Digging into topic traffic IDOL and outputting brand spirit in depth Through the influence of IDOL KUN, online and offline all-round resources to build momentum, for the topic and brand harvest sound volume, combined with Tmall super-product daily resources, to achieve sales transformation, and brand reputation. 3. Partnership with the ICON most fitting the spirit of Levi's to strengthen the brand image Trans-generational superstar influence, further closer to the distance between brands and consumers, social media all-round harvest topics and brand voice.

Describe the strategy

Target Audience After the 95s, this group has many subdivisions depending on their dreams. You can't take it for granted and they do not have description of one size fits all. So, Levi's® believes and respects young people who have thousands of face expressions and personalities. Levi's® uses music as a clue that both exits in young people and brand. Approach:Addressor We invited KUN, who has the largest traffic in China. There’s a lot of controversy, more than hero halo surrounding him, which is Levi's chance to dig deep, effectively interpret and show the strong relationship between Idol and the brand; To find the most in line with the spirit of the brand would be Takuya Kimura and Leah Dou. Levi's® put these two generations of superstars together to carve out the truth and the self that Levi’s represents and its brand image beyond time.

Describe the execution

Implementation: Wave 1, In conjunction with Netease Cloud Music, four group musicians who have different musical styles publish sound videos of life that they collected consumer` voices and remixed them into their own hits. Consumers and musicians create their singles together like a carnival on the site of Modern sky Strawberry Music Festival. Wave 2, Create a documentary about kun's creation of a new electronic sound single, presenting a real KUN for his fans. The new electronic sound singles and MV presented with Levi's shall be released on Tmall super brand day. Wave3, The brand put together two iconic music acting stars from different times, and released the dance battle video on the subway. Also, we together with GQ to create a long graphic story and completely release Levi's old charm. Placement & scale: Cross-border cooperation, online and offline integration and effectively translate traffic into brand Tmall EC Sales

Describe the outcome

1、On-line: United Netease Cloud Music total exposure of 290 million times, with 2.85 million Pviews; NetEase cloud song single played 2.1 million times, Get 9,700+ quality reviews; #噪生活# H5: 2.18 million people participated, a total of 7,268UGC. Offline: Strawberry Music Festival total exposure 2.15 million times; 2、#Nothing is a taboo KUN# Topic page hits 2.89 billion PViews; The video has reached a total of 66 million; Levi's official Weibo reached 390 million PViews, interaction amounted to 2.354 million. 3、# Kimura Takuya and Dou group# Topic tying hot search TOP2; Weibo KOL forwarding has received more than 355 million attention; Video received a total of 21.99 million playbacks. Campaign brings the distance between t Levi's® and Consumers closer, builds all-round resources online and offline, and harvests the volume of sound for the topic and the brand.

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