Product / ServiceMTV INDIA
CategoryA01. Artist in Partnership with a Brand or a Cause
Media Placement TONIC WORLDWIDE Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Chetan Asher Tonic Worldwide Chief Executive Officer
Samir Asher Tonic Worldwide Chief Operating Officer
Unmisha Bhatt Asher Tonic Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer
Sudish Balan Tonic Worldwide Chief Bussiness Officer

Why is this work relevant for for Music?

Can Music heal? MTV Woofer did just that. India's leading youth entertainment channel created awareness about noise trauma for dogs during the biggest festival, Diwali, by dedicating its on-air programming slot to a talented bunch of dog-loving musicians who tested notes that could heal dogs and created soothing music exclusively for dogs. We harnessed the power of music and Influencers to provide a solution beyond creating awareness. While all channels care about entertainment for humans, MTV was the first channel to have launched a slot for the furry animals encouraging pet lovers to tune in with their pets


Of all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is undeniably the grandest. Honoring the triumph of good over evil, all communities come together to celebrate Diwali But amidst the celebrations, what we often miss out on is the plight of our pets. With noise pollution levels going up to almost 123.2 decibels, pets often suffer in isolation, scared and sometimes hurt by the deafening sounds. Around 300 million dogs in India go through anxiety and trauma every year during Diwali. Due to their hearing capacity being 7 times of that of humans, dogs fall easy prey to permanent deafness, physical injuries and howling due to crackers. As a youth brand, being bold and progressive has been the core of MTV. Objective: 1) To use MTV’s might of storytelling in creating an impactful campaign 2) To make Diwali a happy and hassle-free festival for our extended family – our pets

Describe the creative idea

We aligned our brand promise with our intent and curated an innovative campaign undone before by any television channel in the country – Presenting MTV Woofer. Music being our forte, MTV became the first brand to create a time band dedicated to play music for pet dogs and help them have a hassle-free Diwali. 24 minutes of impeccable tunes were created with the use of special technology over months of research and hard work. Three budding musicians came together to create special low-level beats and rhythm keeping in mind the adaptive and hearing abilities of dogs.

Describe the strategy

With over 1.3 billion population in India, a fraction of it cared about dogs. The rest of them were ignorant about the cause and wouldn't change a cultural celebration .The strategy thus was to find a solution to heal rather than change external factors Physiological and psychological effects of listening to music have been documented in humans. The changes in physiology, cognition and brain chemistry and morphology induced by music have been studied in animal models, providing evidence that music may affect animals similarly to humans. Information about the potential benefits of music to animals suggests that providing music may be used as a means of improving the welfare of animals, such as through environmental enrichment, stress relief and behavioral modification. Strategically we decided to Fight Noise trauma With originally composed Music for dogs

Describe the execution

3 unique tracks with custom notes that have a healing effect on dogs was created by 3 different musicians for the show 'MTV Woofer' , which was launched first on MTV. The show was promoted with on air promos which targeted dog lovers and pet owners across MTV and other network channels like Colors Infinity, Colors, MTV Beats, VH1 and Comedy Central. MTV Woofer called for an extensive influencer outreach to create and sustain buzz. We divided the influencer’s network into 3 categories – Micro, Macro and Fans of the brand. Dog lover communities, Tv Celebrities and Influencers supported and amplified the show. International Celebrities got involved and endorsed the campaign. MTV Woofer was also promoted on MTV’s Digital Platforms and cross promoted on other digital channel properties like VH1, Comedy Central, Colors Infinity and Colors. The music was also made available on MTV India’s Facebook page.

Describe the outcome

17 Million People tuned in with their 17 Million Dogs within the first 5 days of show launch. *The campaign generated earned -media worth USD 5.5 million. *On Twitter #MTVWoofer trended nationally with over 6 million impressions. *The campaign garnered a total reach of 50 Million on social media. *MTV Woofer was adapted at 6 major dog rescue shelters across the country. *With popular demand, MTV Woofer is now a permanent IP which will be showcased during major noise polluting hours and festivals in India Stamp of Honor: There is no better feeling than an applause from the best. So strong was the buzz for MTV Woofer, it caught the eye of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the most recognized and credible organization to safeguard animal rights. PETA advocated, endorsed and amplified the campaign across their social media handles tapping onto their 1.33mn followers.