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CategoryA02. Use of Social / Digital Platform
Idea Creation LBEST Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Media Placement LBEST Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Production LBEST Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Wonsook Kang LBEST Creative Director
Hyeonjoo Seo LBEST Creative Director
Yeosong Yoon LBEST Copywriter
Jihyeon Park LBEST Art Director
Kwangeun Ko LBEST Art Director
Hyeongjoon Cho LBEST Account Supervisor
Jaeyoun Hwang LBEST Account Director
Yongjoon Cho LBEST Account Executive
Hongki Chae LBEST Account Executive
Jinhyeong Cho LBEST Account Executive
Jaeil Jeong Glove Entertainment Music Artist

Why is this work relevant for for Music?

We wanted to run a meaningful historical campaign to mark the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement, and we learned about the songs of women's independence activists who were imprisoned 100 years ago. The melody of this song was unfortunately not recorded, so we wrote a new melody to it. Since then, we have collaborated with several artists to produce music videos and sound recordings and distribute them online.


As the representative bank of S. Korea, there was a willingness to carry out a public campaign to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement, a huge national issue. In particular, client did not want to pursue profits by taking timely issues as opportunities, like other companies, but rather wanted to carry out meaningful campaigns based on sincerity.

Describe the creative idea

We learned from the article that there existed a song sung by a woman independence activist 100 years ago in prison, and now only the lyrics of the song are passed down to her descendants. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement, we wanted to melody this song to tell many people about the 100-year history.

Describe the strategy

With such purpose, we asked Music Director Jaeil Jeong, known for his lyrical music senses, to write a melody and asked South Korea’s representative solo singer Lena Park to sing for us. Also, former figure skater Yuna Kim, a huge global sports star, narrated the latter part of our video. We worked with them on music and filming, and ran advertisements so that the produced contents could be viral online.

Describe the execution

The produced video was distributed for a month from the end of February to the end of March through online channels such as YouTube and facebook. We produced not only the video but also the sound source. Based on the sincerity of spreading the history, we distributed the sound source for free on the main music sites of Korea and on the homepage of KB Kookmin Bank.

Describe the outcome

As a result, the song received perfect score from Korea’s major music streaming site, Melon, was reported positively from major mass media, TV, and News Papers, and received over 90% positive comments from YouTube, facebook, and Melon. In response to this popularity, our video recorded more than 3 million views in one month, and was recently selected as a finalist at the AD STARS.

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