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CategoryD01. Social Video
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production KEYPRO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 DIGITAL GARDEN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 77HOSHI MUSIC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yusuke Sato DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Yujin Akita DENTSU INC. Creative Team
Kazunori Kawagoshi DENTSU INC. Art Director
Kyo Nishiyama DENTSU INC. Art Director
Yohei Nemoto Dentsu Public Relations.INC Creative Team
Masashi Araki DENTSU INC. Creative Team
Keisuke Fujita Cyber Communications.INC Social Media Manager
Yoshiki Miyaguchi DENTSU INC. Account Team
Kei Hashimoto Dentsu Tec inc. Account Team
Atsuyuki Shimizu Dentsu Creative Force inc. Creative Team
Hibiki Ikezawa HandY Co. ,Ltd. Creative Team
Hiroki Kidono KEY pro INC. Executive Producer
Yuji Iida Dentsu Creative X inc. Producer
Akiyoshi Fujii KEY pro INC. Product Manager
Kakuto Nakada Dentsu Creative X inc. Product Manager
Akira Ozawa Dentsu Creative X inc. Designer
Wataru Sato TYO INC. Director
Ryoken Okamura Sturgeon INC. Photographer
Susumu Takakura FRE-X INC. Lighting Designer
Ryo Sugimoto Nouvelle Vague co.,ltd Product Designer
Keiya Ito Nouvelle Vague co.,ltd Product Manager
Midori Ogyu Freelance Creative Team
Haruka Yamaguchi Freelance Creative Team
Junko Imai MaQuillage Yuko co.,ltd Creative Team
Mizuki Maruyama MaQuillage Yuko co.,ltd Creative Team
Ayumi Koide TOKYO VISUAL ARTS Creative Team
Cha Kato Izawa office co.,ltd Creative Team
Ayana Kato Izawa office co.,ltd Creative Team
Chihiro Kurioka Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Morirou Matsuura Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Masataka Igarashi Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Youhei Sasaki Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Hiroki Jinbou Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Hiroto Abe Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Shota Oishi Ray Talent Promotion,inc. Creative Team
Shunsuke Kubouchi Freelance Creative Team
Tetsuya Takekawa DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Editor
Soyoung Kim DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Editor
Golomidov Max DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Creative Team
Masahiro Nose DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Creative Team
Masanari Hirashima DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Creative Team
Kota Ikeda 77HOSHI MUSIC Music Supervisor
Takahito Yoshikawa DIGITAL GARDEN INC. Sound Designer


GATSBY PERFECT SKIN LOTION is a men’s skincare product. There is a strong perception in Japan that skincare is something only women do, and men’s cosmetics brands are flocking to create campaigns to build a culture of men’s skincare. GATSBY PERFECT SKIN LOTION is the gold standard of these products, but with a package redesign planned for 2018, we wanted to find a high-market impact way to further increase awareness of the product among men in their 20’s.

Describe the creative idea

GATSBY released a web video about “photo filter apps,” which is a highly relatable theme among our target demographic of men in their 20’s. We coined the phrase “THE KAWAII TWEAK HAZARD” to describe the recent phenomenon of having photo filters applied to your face and shared without your knowledge, and wrote a humorous song in which victims of this phenomenon lament their embarrassment at being made fools of.

Describe the strategy

The video is based on the market insight that many men have experienced embarrassment when someone else has shared comically filtered photos of them. The video includes an appearance by famous comedian Cha Kato, who became the posterboy of this phenomenon when his much younger wife posted a heavily-filtered photo of the two of them. The photo has since become a popular internet meme in Japan.

Describe the execution

This video was posted on YouTube for a three month period starting on October 31st, and attained popularity via a Twitter promotional site and PR articles.

List the results

The video got picked up by more than 50 media outlets, including television programs. What’s more, during the week the video was released, the product saw a 300% increase in sales compared to the previous year.


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